Gas Masked Rubber Domination Pt4

My Rubber Track Suited tormentor is now getting quite rough as he pulls the layers of Soft Thick Plastic over my Hooded Face and head! Making me wank him as he uses his Rubber Gloved Hands to do some hard HOM action on me. I then feel my head being pushed down on his big hard cock! I suck it as deep as I can through the Plastic layers... Great Plastic and Rubber action!!!

Photograhy By: Paul W.

Purple Pool Side Rubber Fucking Part 9

With Danni bent firmly over the edge of the pool, this Rubber Slut just moans "Fuck Me Deeper Eva" "Fuck Me Harder!" so if that's what the Kinky Bitch wants? That's what she is getting! Watch as my Rubber Gloved hand disappears in to her gapping cunt as I Fist Her To The Wrist!!! If you like your action this hard then this is the gallery for you!

Photography BY: Paul W.

Rubber Sissy Anal Slut Part 2

Laying my Rubber Sissy Slut down on the Rubber Mattresses, I can see her cock bulging inside the Steel Chastity Device that I placed on her cock and balls earlier.. I tease her as I suck the cold Stainless Steel making her squirm as I also give her ass a pump or two inflating the Rubber Butt Plug a little bigger! Then I stroke my Rubber Cock showing her who's is the largest!

Photography By: Paul W.

Chlorinated Rubber Cock Cage Slave Pt 9

With encapsulated Rubber Slave peering out from his Pepper Pot Rubber Hood, I side my ass over his face and give him a really hard and rough blow job! His hard cock slides inside my Rubber Hood as I let him Inflated Rubber Mittened hand wander all over my Soft Rubber Covered Body... Sensing he is about to cumm, I stop and decide to plant him inside my wet pussy!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Gas Masked Rubber Domination Pt3

Now with both of us laying down on the PVC sofa, my Dominant Rubber Playmate makes me fuck myself through my Crotchless Plastic Panties and Plastic Playsuit as he in turns pulls over and Double Skinned Plastic Hood! He pulls the string cords tight as I take his Rubber Gauntleted hands and fingers in my mouth before his Hard Cock!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Heavy Rubber Chlorinated Fuck Pt 2

Sliding on to the Rubber Sheeted Bed I just glide on the Super Soft Chlorinated Rubber as I play with my Rubber Body bagged slave... Grabbing a Rubber Cock Harness I push the Rubber Cock deep in to his mouth which is the only skin I can see from his encased Rubber Hooded face! I un-zip the Rubber bag and let loose his hard cock as I wank it with my Rubber Gloved hands...

Photography By: Paul W.

My Plastic Vac Bed Slave Part 7

My Rubber Slave just loves being Encased In Plastic, so his dreams certainly have come true as I suck on his very hard cock as it sticks out from the Plastic Body Bag... I crawl and squirm my Rubber Catsuited ass all over him as he gets lost in his PVC aroma filled bag! I think perhaps it's time I let him feel my dripping wet cunt as I think about un-zipping my Rubber Catsuit...

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Sissy Anal Slut Part 1

I have left my Rubber Sissy Slut hanging from a tree, her Huge 2KG Silcone Tits are weighing heavy in her Rubber Titty Suit... She also has on a Frilly Rubber Dress, Frilly Maids Rubber Hood and Frilly Crotchless Bloomers! She does make quite a sight as I play with her Steel Chastity Cage... I slide my Rubber Cock against her pathetic sized penis as I let her down and slam a Rubber Butt Plug up her ass!!!

Photography By: Paul W. 

Heavy Rubber Chlorinated Fuck Pt 1

Anyone who has worn our Chlorinated Rubber will know just how fucking good it feels! Here we have Rubber Bedding, Hoods, Catsuits and my very special Hooded Total Enclosure Suit all chlorinated to make every bit of Rubber on this set super smooth and a joy to have Latex Sex in... I have left my Heavy Rubber slut in his many layers or Thick Rubber long enough, as now its time to play!!!

Photgraphy By: Paul W.

Gas Masked Rubber Domination Pt2

With my Rubber Track Suited gardener pushing his hard cock deep in to my Rubber Hooded face and mouth I decide there is little point in complaining and give a good hard suck! He senses I am enjoying it a little too much and pushes me on to the PVC sofa! Then I finger myself through the Plastic Catsuit layers as he wanks and slides on a Plastic Hood for me to wear...

Photography By: Paul W.

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