Chlorinated Rubber Cock Cage Slave Pt 10

Sliding down at last on my Rubber Slaves long hard cock makes my wet pussy explode! I let his Rubber Gloved Mitts feels me all over as her tries to grab at My Huge Tits under my Rubber Catsuit... I ride him hard as I take his cock deep inside me, the smell and feel of this super soft Chlorinated Rubber Bed and out Latex Suits just drives me fucking wild with Orgasmic Rubber excitement!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Anal Onslaught For Rubber Titty Slut Pt 2

Just before I get started on my Plastic Sissy Sluts ass, I pull back her Frilly Plastic Smock over her Rubber Gas Masked face! I then plant my Rubber Catsuited ass over that as I make her wank in her Frilly Plastic Panties... Seeing her huge cock standing so erect from her Titty Catsuit I can resist no longer! I lean forward and suck her hard cock for all I am worth as I just love a Big Hard Cock in my mouth!!!

Photography By: Paul W. 

Bar Room Rubber Vac Part 1

I found one of my extra large Rubber Vac Beds that I hadn't used for ages, so I decided it's time for my Rubber Sex Slave to try this special one out! He has on a matching transparent Rubber Gasmasked T.E. Suit which is the same colour as the bed! With his head and his hard cock sticking out form the Lubed Rubber I soon get very excited indeed! As does he when my wet mouth start to suck his hard long cock...

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Titty Anal Bitch Part 4

Feeling my Rubber Slave is about to cumm, I take his Hard Cock out of my mouth and order him to slide it back inside his Rubber Body Bag! I crawl up to his Latex Encased Head as I watch him inhale the Rubber Aroma from his Rubber Tube and Re-Breather Bag! I take off the tube from his Rubber Hood and push my Huge Rubber Tits all over his face...

Photography By: Paul W.

Anal Onslaught For Rubber Titty Slut Pt 1

The array of Rubber Sex Toys on the table and nearby on the Rubber Bondage Sack will give you an idea of what's in store for my Rubber Titty Slut! Dressed in her Rubber Catsuit with huge Silicone Breast Forms inside, I have also made her wear some Kinky Boots and Plastic Smock as I take her cock from the Plastic Panties and suck it hard, little does she know what is cumming next...

Photography By: Paul W.

Heavy Rubber Chlorinated Fuck Pt 3

I writhe around my Rubber Slaves Body as he is encased in Soft Chlorinated Rubber inside his Rubber Body Bag, I just slide and slip effortlessly over him as I feel his raging hard cock against my Rubber Catsuited ass... It's time to fit him with a Rubber Cock Harness as I buckle him up and Lube the Rubber Cock I then slide down on it and his face!

Photography By: Paul W.

Gas Masked Rubber Domination Pt4

My Rubber Track Suited tormentor is now getting quite rough as he pulls the layers of Soft Thick Plastic over my Hooded Face and head! Making me wank him as he uses his Rubber Gloved Hands to do some hard HOM action on me. I then feel my head being pushed down on his big hard cock! I suck it as deep as I can through the Plastic layers... Great Plastic and Rubber action!!!

Photograhy By: Paul W.

Purple Pool Side Rubber Fucking Part 9

With Danni bent firmly over the edge of the pool, this Rubber Slut just moans "Fuck Me Deeper Eva" "Fuck Me Harder!" so if that's what the Kinky Bitch wants? That's what she is getting! Watch as my Rubber Gloved hand disappears in to her gapping cunt as I Fist Her To The Wrist!!! If you like your action this hard then this is the gallery for you!

Photography BY: Paul W.

Rubber Sissy Anal Slut Part 2

Laying my Rubber Sissy Slut down on the Rubber Mattresses, I can see her cock bulging inside the Steel Chastity Device that I placed on her cock and balls earlier.. I tease her as I suck the cold Stainless Steel making her squirm as I also give her ass a pump or two inflating the Rubber Butt Plug a little bigger! Then I stroke my Rubber Cock showing her who's is the largest!

Photography By: Paul W.

Chlorinated Rubber Cock Cage Slave Pt 9

With encapsulated Rubber Slave peering out from his Pepper Pot Rubber Hood, I side my ass over his face and give him a really hard and rough blow job! His hard cock slides inside my Rubber Hood as I let him Inflated Rubber Mittened hand wander all over my Soft Rubber Covered Body... Sensing he is about to cumm, I stop and decide to plant him inside my wet pussy!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

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