Red Rubber and Plastic Fun Part 6

Now lying down on my PVC Bed I am hooked up to my Anaesthesia Hood via the Rubber Tube and Dildo as I fuck myself hard and deep through the Rubber and Plastic layers I have on! I want to intensify the pussy aromas and the Rubber smells coming from my Rubber Cock so I pull the Plastic Hood down over my Rubber Hood and pull the strings tight!

Photography By: Paul W.

My Plastic Vac Bed Slave Part 4

Sliding my hot wet tongue up and down my Rubber Slaves Hard Cock that is now encapsulated in Soft Natural Vinyl as the vacuum holds him tight, he is not able to resist the Plastic Re-Breather Bag either as I play with his mouth hole... I side my tight Chlorinated Rubber Catsuited ass and pussy over him and his hard cock as I decide if its time for him to get out of the Plastic Vac Bed and Fuck Me In Rubber!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Sheath Catsuit Fuck Part 4

Straddling my Rubber Catsuited slave I slide his hard long cock deep in to my Rubber filled cunt as I now let him fuck me in my Rubber Sheathed Catsuit! The perfect feeling on cock and Latex inside my hole filling me with such desire I cumm right away as he continues to slide and slam his cock deep! I pull out his hot throbbing member as I catch my breath and wank him on the Plastic Sheets... What a finish to this set!

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Trio Part 5

I help my Transparent Rubber slut Natalie fuck Sasha's Latex Cock as she lies helpless in her Rubber Bondage suit, the smell of pussy juice and Latex fills the Rubber Room as I switch Natalie's position so she is now facing the front! I move in close to get a better view of this stunning Transparent Rubber Fucking session drinking in the sweat, cunt juice and Rubber!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Blue Rubber Pool Fuck Part 6

Slamming my Double Ender deep in to my wet throbbing pussy, I come to one shuddering orgasm after another... This slippery wet PVC lilo is getting hot under the summer sun as if my Rubber Catsuit as I cumm to my last dripping wet Rubber Climax!!! A great finish to this Out Door Rubber Fuck, I then just drift around the pool in my Blue Rubber suit and Plastic bed...

Photography Buy : Paul W.


Chlorinated Rubber Cock Cage Slave Pt 6

Attaching the Rubber Tube once more to my Rubber Slaves hood I slide up the Hollow Rubber Cock in to my wet pussy as he is made to drink in the Pussy Juices and Latex aromas... I slide bewteen that cock and the Stainless Steel Cage his hard and straining cock is inside! But I can't take too much of the cage as I stretch myself trying to get it in! I feel his Rubber Mittens all over me as he tries to fuck me harder...

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Sheath Catsuit Fuck Part 3

My Latex Slave finger fucks my dripping wet pussy with his Thick Rubber Gloved hands as I spread myself open on the PVC covered sofa... He climbs over me and slams his hard cock deep in to my mouth as I fuck my Rubber Sheath now with my fingers as I swallow his hard wet Cock!!! Then its time to sit over him and Fuck In Rubber!!!

Photography By: Paul W.


Inflatable Rubber Muddy Sploshing Part 5

Having floated down the small lake for some time I have my final muddy Latex splosh before hitting the bank where I flip over in my Inflatable Rubber Suit and crawl out on to the green grass of the bank... My Rubber waders are full of water so I empty them and my Thick Rubber Gauntlets before laying back in the sun and my hot wet Rubber Hood and suit... The feeling of being outdoors in Heavy Rubber just excites the hell out of me hee hee...

Photography By: Paul W.


My Plastic Vac Bed Slave Part 3

With my Rubber Catsuited slave inside his Transparent Plastic layers it's time for the vacuum to be turned on as I slide my hot wet tongue up and down his PVC coated cock!!! As the vacuum holds him tight I side a Plastic Re-Breather Bag in to his mouth as I wank him through the Lubed plastic sheet... Watch his Plastic bag go up and down!

Photgoraphy By: Paul W.

Chlorinated Rubber Cock Cage Slave Pt 5

Now laying on top of my Hooded Rubber Slave, I undo his Bondage Mitts which were locked together so he can feel me up through his Inflated Rubber hands... I am slamming his Steel Caged Cock inside me which is hard! My face does indeed say it all as I swap the hard Stainless Steel Cock for a Rubber Dildo which is connected to his Latex Hood...

Photography By: Paul W.

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