Rubber Vac Bed Training part 3

Sasha is now fully vacuumed down in her Rubber Mattress Vac-Bed as I turn my attention to the waiting Natalie who I have wrapped up in her Transparent Rubber Sheet! I caress her ass through the Rubber as I also keep an eye on the motionless Sasha, wanking my Rubber Slut I build Natalie up close to orgasm as we play in the Rubber Room

Photography By: Paul W.

Red Rubber Hot Tub Fuckers! Part 4

Now in the hot tub with Sasha I un-zip her Red Rubber Catsuit and she slides over me and plants her hungry pussy on to my waiting Rubber Cock! I splash her Rubber covered ass as she rises up and down on my hard rubber cock... Watch as the steam rise from the bubbling water as we get down to some kinky Rubber Fucking!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Plastic Pool Games! Part 4

Sinking even further in to the warm enveloping water I am still in the safe hands of Sasha who holds me just above the water in my Plastic Sack... Playing with the Plastic that sucks over my Rubber Anesthesia Hood she also has a hand between my legs wanking me off through the Plastic and water!!! With the bags contents getting used up I sink lower and lower in to the water! I just love the feeling of her being in total control...

Photography By: Paul W.

Atom Alien Shower Fuck Part 3

With the warm water of the shower still bouncing off my Shiny Rubber Catsuit I slide down on to the waiting Rubber Cock as Danni sits in the base of the shower… I start fucking her as the Black Rubber cock slides deep inside my wet cunt! Watch some great Rubber Fucking action here as this session starts to get very Kinky indeed!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Outside Heavy Rubber Cape Fun Part 4

With my Inflatable Rubber Plugs firmly pumped up inside my ass and pussy I have to waddle as I walk in my full Rubber Cape and black Rubber Leggings down to the woods where it’s a little cooler out of the sun… I lean up against an oak tree as I let the Rubber aromas fill my Rubber Gasmask as I feel the wet pussy juice dripping out of my swollen cunt in to my Rubber Pants!!! Great outdoor Heavy Rubber action.

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Foot Fuck Slut!

It is now time for the harder fucking games to begin on the Rubber Slab! I have stretched Dannis pussy nice and wide with all the Inflatable Rubber Toys I have used and it's now time  for my Rubber Foot to try!!! I spread her cunt wide open and inset my foot and then get the straps from Dannis Rubber Straight Jacket and make her pull me in to her as I push as well... Just how far in do I go? Well take a look and see!!!

Photography: Paul W.

Double Layered Rubber Body Sack Part 2

I can feel Jamies soft Rubber Gloved fingers going inside of me as I lay locked inside the transparent Rubber Bag! Still pushing the Rubber inside my wet cunt she licks my pussy as her fingers drive my rubber covered and now very wet pussy wild... The clingy Lubed Rubber is just heavenly as I wait for her to facesit me once more in her Crotchless Rubber Catsuit layers!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Outside Heavy Rubber Cape Fun Part 3

With my Rubber Jeans now open at the crotch you can see inside where I have two Inflatable Rubber Plugs inserted in to each of my holes!!! I start inflating them even more and at the same time so I can feel the Rubber in my ass and pussy get bigger and harder and deeper making me ohh so fucking wet... It's a good job I have on my Rubber Pants as the pussy juice would be running down my legs... Great outdoor Heavy Rubber action!

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Vac bed Training Part 2

With Sasha now zipped inside her very comfortable Rubber Mattress Vac-Bed I switch on the vacuum pump and let it do its work as I take care of a very patient Natalie. Wrapping her up in the smooth soft Rubber Sheet I caress her Latex clad body as we both watch Sasha getting sucked in to the mattress nice and deep between her thick Rubber Layers!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Plastic Pool Games! Part 3

I just love the feeling of the felling I get of the weight of the water with a Plastic embrace as Sasha floats me in the pool inside my Plastic Sack… I can’t see a great deal from inside my Rubber Pepper Potted Hood but can feel the wandering Rubber Gloved hands all over my Latex Catsuited body as I am enveloped in some wet and warm Vinyl… Yummy!

Photography By: Paul W.

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