Transparent Rubber Layered Nurses Part 2

With Jamie un-zipped and her pussy now wet and open, I get a hand-held Rubber Dildo and fill it to the hilt! As she screams with excitement I then fill her open mouth with another flesh coloured Rubber Cock! I work her pussy and mouth at the same time, and as I pick up the pace she moans with the aroma of pussy juice and rubber filling the air...

Photography By: Paul W.

Pumped-Up In Black Rubber Part 1

As you will see in this next part I go from completely deflated! To a massively Pumped Up Rubber Ball as my double skinned Rubber Catsuit first inflates and then I use the hand pump to inflate the Rubber Hood! For lovers of Inflatable Rubber this action will show you step by step how it's done as I know all of you that love this subject as much as me!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Bathing Buddies Part 2

Slipping down in to the warm wet bubble bath with Danni, our legs soon entwine as we start rubbing the soapy water all over each others Latex Clad Bodies... Danni simply can not contain herself however as she starts to climb over me, grabbing at my Huge Rubber Covered Tits hee hee... Watch as we start or wet Latex games and note the Rubber Tubed Didlos hanging nearby...

Photography By: Paul W.

Orange Plastic Boudoir Part 6

Carmel is riding my Plastic Hooded face as she too wraps herself inside the soft sensual Plastic Sheets that is hanging from the bed, half inside my Plastic Bodybag I finger myself as the hood of the Jumpsuit I am wearing is pulled around my face making the double layer of plastic stunningly intense!!! A must for any vinyl BP. and Plastic Lover, as this series comes to a climatic and stunning finish in the orange Plastic Boudoir!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Classic Plastic & Rubber Part 7

Squatting on the table I slide the Big Black Rubber Cock in and out of my wet cunt as I get more and more turned on by the Tight Clingy Plastic and Rubber that covers every inch of my body! I get quite hot in my Rubber Hooded Gasmask so I lay down on the table and continue to fuck myself there... I just hope no-one comes calling or they might get a shock!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Torpedo Tit Rubber Fuck Pt 1

Introducing Holly to the site as we take a sneaky look in to the new Rubber Clinic extension and its enormous new white tiled Piss Slab... We climb up on to it both dressed in layers of thick Yellow Transparent Rubber! I have dressed us in matching torpedo tit catsuits and I have on a full length Rubber Cape with collar as we start our Kinky Rubber games...

Photography By: Paul W

Rubber Bathing Buddies Part 1

Dressed in identical black Rubber Catsuits, Corsets, Gloves and Hoods, we proudly introduce Danni to the site as we both take a dip in large white bath covered in bubbles... The Wet Rubber Shines as I slide down in to the warm wet bath water to join Danni! We first enjoy some close up Latex embraces before getting down to the dirty stuff!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Plastic Over Rubber Dressing Part 3

Now down on the Black Rubber Room floor I stretch my Plastic Jumpsuit to its max as it stretches tight over my Red Rubber  Catsuited ass... I just love the look and the feeling of the tight rubber and soft Lubed Plastic on my body and as I get up on to my knees I start to rub myself all over enjoying the erotic sensations...

Photography By: Paul W.

Frilly Rubber Cock Sucker Part 3

The last in this series, I really pound Carmels pussy as she rides my Rubber Cock while on top of me in the Rubber room... She tries to lean forward to get off, but I grab her arms and pull her back in to me making her scream! Then its time for some Kinky 69 Rubber Cock Sucking as I get her to clean my cock she has been sat on for the last hour, as I get to smell her wet rubbery cunt through my Rubber Gasmask...

Photography By: Paul W.

Black and Grey Rubber Duo Part 5

Having sucked on Claudias hard erect nipples I now turn my attention to her wet pussy as I un-zip her Transparent Rubber Catsuit and pull open her dark pussy lips to expose her pink wet pussy... Once I have opened her up with my Rubber Gloved Hands I fuck her hard with a glass dildo I have to hand! She groans with pleasure as this Transparent Rubber Fucking gets evermore intense as we fuck on lubed Rubber Sheets...

Photography By: Paul W.

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