Total Black Rubber Lust Part 7

Encased in my skin-tight layers and Rubber Body-Bag I can only feel Jamie bouncing up and down on my body as I am unable to move, see or hear much in my Rubber cocoon... But YOU can see exactly what she is doing! Fucking the living daylights out of me and my Rubber Cock... She is fucking me so hard she breaks the hard rubber cock in two!!! Stunning Heavy Rubber Fucking Action...

Photography By: Paul W.

Classic Plastic & Rubber Part 5

Still lying of the table I slide my Plastic gloved hands down between the Plastic and Rubber layers to excite my wet throbbing pussy until I can wait no longer! So I un-zip my Rubber Catsuit and still keeping on my smooth Plastic Trousers I start fucking myself with my Gloved Hand... What a feeling being totally encased in smooth tight rubber and Clear Natural Vinyl! I fucking love it...

Photography By: Paul W.

Plastic Strap-on Fucking! Part 2

Straight in to the action here in the orange Plastic Boudiour as Carmel squats over me in the Plastic Bed! She gasps as the Huge Rubber Cock enters her body almost splitting her tight pussy... Underneath her I already have on my Plastic Suction Hood and PVC Catsuit! Carmel makes sure I get a really godd Plastic Fucking as she rides me and my Latex Cock! Stunning Plastic fucking action for the lovers of Semi Transparent Vinyl...

Photography By: Paul W.

Deflated Total Enclosure!

Although I am not inflated yet I am as you can see wearing a Total Enclosure Black Rubber Catsuit that completely inflates with its double layers! This will be done in laters parts of this series but for now watch me as I play around on my Black Plastic inflatable sofa bed as I feel my way around my dark rubbery world waiting patiently to be handed the tube so I can get inflated!

Photography By: Paul W.

Head Cage Hanging Games! Part 1

Both Vanessa and I are dressing head to toe in tight Shiny Black Latex Catsuits, matching Rubber Corsets and of course Latex Gloves to complete our layers or lucious Latex... Vanessa has some Rubber Bondage Mitts she wants to put on me, but I am not so keen! She uses her powerful legs to push me in to submission as she readies me for the head cage that is swinging from the ceiling in the background...

Photography By: Paul W.

Classic Plastic & Rubber Part 4

I had almost forgotten about these pics until I found them when having a sort out! So here we have part 4 of this series where I stretch my Plastic Trousers to the max as I bend over and squat over my Rubber Cock ready for some Rubber and Plastic Fucking... There is nothing like some outdoor fun to turn me on hee hee...

Photography By Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Lovers Part 6

With her ass cheeks spread as wide as they will go! Jamie is rubbing her wet slippery pussy and Ass Hole in to my face pressing down harder as she cumms on my sweaty Plastic covered face... I have to sit up for a break, but I am still inside my huge Plastic Duvet Cover but sitting up makes things more comfortable... Then its time for me to turn the tables on Jamie!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Shiny Rubber Lovers Part 4

Still sliding around the wet Shiny Lubed rubber bed, Sasha and I embrace each other in our Black Rubbery heaven as we kiss and feel each other up as we play... Standing over me Sasha lets me un-zip her Rubber Catsuit so I can see her dripping wet pussy! Then leaning over she grabs a Head Harness with attached cock fro the bedside Rubber table and hands it to me to put on...

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Vac-bed Fuck Part 4

Jamies sweat is running down her Rubber Catsuit as she mounts my Rubber Cock once more! Bending over me Jamie rides the Huge Black Rubber Strap-on Cock as she watches me locked inside my Rubber Vacuum... With the Vac-Bed getting ever tighter the pussy juice and sweat make things very slippery indeed as this Bizarre Rubber Fucking starts to get very intense!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Claudias Plastic Facesit Part 3

This is the final part of this set as a very turned on Claudia rides my Plastic Hooded face faster and faster as the Plastic on her pussy makes her wetter and wetter! I feel her shudder on my face as she and I grab at her erect nipples through the soft Plastic Suit she is wearing which makes her cumm even harder!!! What a way to finish our kinky PVC Fucking games hee hee... 

Photography By: Paul W.

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