Dirty Black Rubber Part 2

Still in the dirty old toilet block I look at my reflection in the mirror as I admire my black rubber Skin-Tight Catsuit and gasmask which makes the perfect Shiny Smooth Rubber contrast against this messy and rough toilet... Some great ass and High Heel Shoes shots here for the lovers of both!

Photography By: Paul W.

Bizarre Heavy Rubber Fucking Part 4

Rubbing my Huge Rubber Tits in to Jamies face I let her finger her pussy as I want it nice and wet ready for my Rubber Cock! Bending her over the Rubber couch she was tied up on, I undo her Rubber Panties that are buckled to her Rubber Dress and slide in my Huge Rubber Cock... I fuck my rubber slut hard as she takes my cock deeper and deeper with each stroke! Great Rubber Fucking Action!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Claudias Plastic Facesit Part 2

With Claudia firmly planted on my face I am licking her through my Plastic Re-Breather Hood! She is lost in her Plastic Orgasm as I feel the wet pussy juices flowing on to my clear Plastic Hood which makes her thrusting harder and wetter with each stroke as her pussy glides over my waiting Plastic Covered tongue... She changes position and does the same action but now facing front so u can see her stunning long erect nipples push hard against her Plastic Jogging Suit!!! 

Photography By Paul W.

Shiny Rubber Lovers Part 2

Pulling back the Thick Rubber Bedding, Sasha and I roll around the Black Rubber sheets as we slide together in our slippery Lubed black rubber heaven... Rolling on to my side I get my Cute Rubber slut to worship my tight Rubber ass as my Catsuit stretches to the max! Using her Rubber Gloved hands, she slides her fingers up and down over my pussy and the crack of my rubber covered ass as she licks it! I just bury my head in to the Rubber Pillow...

Photography By: Paul W.

Total Black Rubber Lust Part 6

Having got me inside my super Tight All In One Rubber Hooded Body-Bag, Jamie wanders off to get some refreshment as she leaves me squirming around the Rubber Roomed bed. In the darkness of my Rubber Layered Cocoon I hear her come back as she then positions me on the bed ready to fuck my Huge Rubber Cock once more! The sweat dripping off Jamie on to our Rubber Bed and Rubber Catsuits gives you just some idea how sweaty I am getting in my Rubber Sauna Sack and room... Yummy! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Black and Grey Rubber Duo Part 3

With me upside down and my head hanging down from the Latex covered sofa, I get a perfect view of Claudias tight black ass covered in even tighter Rubber! I just can not keep my hands off her Rubber Covered Body as I then get back up on to the sofa and start playing with her glourious Huge Tits! I just can not wait to get them out and play with her HUGE nipples!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber lovers part 5

The heat inside my Vinyl Plastic Body Bag is slowly increasing as the droplets of sweat and condensation build up on the Plastic Cocoon I am locked inside... Riding my face with her wet pussy, Jamie also is letting the sweat from her Rubber Catsuit drip on to my face together with her pussy juice! Great plastic Facesitting Action as this session starts to hot up!! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Shiny Rubber Lovers Part 1

As the title suggests this gallery is all about the feel and smell of tons of Shiny Black Rubber as both Sasha and I immerse ourselves in the Total Rubber experience that is The Black Rubber Room... Lying in bed under the Rubber Duvet Cover, we are both dressed in even more layers of Skin-Tight Shiny Black Rubber as we start to kiss and caress each others Latex layered bodies... I must for any real Heavy Rubberist !!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Frilly Rubber Cock Sucker Part 2

Dressed in her Transparent Frilly Rubber layers and entwined in sheets of thick Transparent Rubber, My Rubber Slut Carmel squirms under the Heel Of My Boot as I stand tall over her inside the Black Rubber Room... Playing with my Rubber Cock pants I have on, its not long before I don my Rubber Gasmask and we start fucking on the floor... Her Latex pussy pants have a hole in the middle as My Rubber Strap On Cock slides deep inside her gapping wet cunt! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Vac-bed fuck part 3

Having fucked my Latex Cock covered head and face while inside the un-vacuumed Rubber Vac Bed, Jamie now switches on the vacuum and watches the air being sucked out as she sits on my Huge Rubber Strap-On Cock! Her face says it all as this Huge Cock plunges in to her pussy and being dressed in the same Transparent Rubber as my Latex Bed as we almost become one huge Rubber Fucking vac-bed!!! 

Photography By: Paul W.

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