Rubber Body Bag Layers Part 5

This is the finale of this series and now squirming inside my Skin Tight Rubber Body Bag, Vanessa starts to play her games... I can feel her on top of me as I can not see much through the Tight Latex Hood and with her Rubber Body sliding over mine and I then feel the pressure of her hands all over me! At the same time she sticks her Rubber Gloved finger in the hole... A stunning end to this set and a must for all Rubber Enclosure and BP. fans alike... 

Photography By: Paul W.

Beauty and Bizarre Part 5

This is the last part of this set, and its straight in to the action as Sasha bounces up and down on my black rubber cock that is built in to my Rubber Catsuit! I writhe around in my wheelchair breathing in the oxygen that makes me feel so excited! The tight black rubber encasing every part of my body except my mouth as my cute rubber sluts fucks me hard... What an explosive finish to this set and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Total Black Rubber Lust Part 5

Having indulged in some total enclosure rubber face sitting, I now wait for Jamie to get me in to another layer of tight smooth virgin rubber! She squeezes me in to a skin-tight body bag with just a breathing hole, so my rubber darkness continues... Watch as I am zipped up tight in this total enclosure bag complete with hood and once inside I am left on the rubber bed as Jamie gets ready for some fucking! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Lovers Part 4

The action is getting very hot as you will see by the sweat dripping from the Rubber Catsuits we are wearing! Pinned up against he wall and with her Rubber Gloved hands around me as I loose myself in the warm soft plastic cocoon while being kissed through the Plastic Duvet cover... Then its on to the couch for some really kinky B.P. face-sitting games as I stick my tongue in to Jamies pussy through the wet plastic!!! Nothing fake here! Just Stunning action! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Bizarre Heavy Rubber Fucking Part 3

Jamie is still lying on the black rubber couch as I tower over her in my long Thigh Length Rubber Boots and inflatable devil horned gasmask... I tease her with my cock as I slide it in to her mouth and while doing so I pull her rubber panties up tight in to her pussy, rubbing it with her panties and making her wet and ready for my cock!

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Body Bag Layers Part 4

With the rubber sheet from the body bag wrapped tight around me I pull against Vanessa as she too stretches the soft smooth rubber to every contour of my face... I just love the feeling of that rubber encasing me and being totally under the control of another... It's not long before Vanessa has me locked inside the skin-tight rubber body bag with just a hole over my mouth! 

Photography By: Paul W.

beauty & bizarre part 4

Having fucked Sasha doggy style over the wheel chair I slide out my rubber cock and slide in my rubber fingers to see just how wet my rubber slut is... Feeling her dripping wet pussy I sit in the wheelchair and make her straddle me as I once again fuck my cute rubber slut!!! (47 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

transparent rubber vac-bed fuck part 2

With a Rubber Catsuited, Hooded, and Corseted Jamie sat on my face fucking my head-harness cock, I can feel her wet pussy juices slipping in to my mouth while I am still locked inside my large Rubber Vac-Bed! She resists the temptation to orgasm right there and then and climbs off and goes on switches on the vacuum... Lying beside me she strokes my other huge rubber strap-on cock and sucks it as she watches me slowly get vacuumed inside my rubber cocoon...

Photography By: Paul W.

Total Black Rubber Lust Part 4

It becomes more and more difficult to see where one rubber body starts and one finishes as Jamie and I entwine ourselves together in our Rubber Catsuited embrace... Still unable to see with my Rubber Hooded face covering my eyes, I can only feel the ass of Jamie once more pressing down on my face as she sucks my rubber cock and rides my wet tongue at the same time!!! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Body Bag Layers Part 3

Teasing me with the slippery transparent rubber body bag she has in her hands, Vanessa slides it over my face and wraps it around my head nice and tight! I love being encased in rubber as you all know but even better when someone like Vanessa does it nice and hard while rubbing my pussy... This part starts to get interesting as we start our hard rubber body bag games!!!

Photography By; Paul W.

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