beauty & bizarre part 4

Having fucked Sasha doggy style over the wheel chair I slide out my rubber cock and slide in my rubber fingers to see just how wet my rubber slut is... Feeling her dripping wet pussy I sit in the wheelchair and make her straddle me as I once again fuck my cute rubber slut!!! (47 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

transparent rubber vac-bed fuck part 2

With a Rubber Catsuited, Hooded, and Corseted Jamie sat on my face fucking my head-harness cock, I can feel her wet pussy juices slipping in to my mouth while I am still locked inside my large Rubber Vac-Bed! She resists the temptation to orgasm right there and then and climbs off and goes on switches on the vacuum... Lying beside me she strokes my other huge rubber strap-on cock and sucks it as she watches me slowly get vacuumed inside my rubber cocoon...

Photography By: Paul W.

Total Black Rubber Lust Part 4

It becomes more and more difficult to see where one rubber body starts and one finishes as Jamie and I entwine ourselves together in our Rubber Catsuited embrace... Still unable to see with my Rubber Hooded face covering my eyes, I can only feel the ass of Jamie once more pressing down on my face as she sucks my rubber cock and rides my wet tongue at the same time!!! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Body Bag Layers Part 3

Teasing me with the slippery transparent rubber body bag she has in her hands, Vanessa slides it over my face and wraps it around my head nice and tight! I love being encased in rubber as you all know but even better when someone like Vanessa does it nice and hard while rubbing my pussy... This part starts to get interesting as we start our hard rubber body bag games!!!

Photography By; Paul W.

Dirty Black Rubber Part 1

Dressed head to toe in shiny black rubber complete with my open faced rubber hooded gasmask, I make quite a contrast again the dirty and grimy backdrop of he un-used toilets I am in! We have styled the pictures in a similar way for a change as I felt dirty and grimy just like ,my surrounding in my perfect fitting "Black Rubber Catsuit!" (38 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Bizarre Heavy Rubber Fucking Part 2

Still locked inside her inflatable rubber bondage coverall suit Jamie is also sucking on and "Inflatable Rubber Gag!" I tower over her as I play with my cock and huge rubber tits teasing my little rubber slut as she lies there waiting for me to let her out... Once she is out of her rubber cocoon I squat over her on the rubber sofa and slide my cock in to her mouth a she fingers her pussy... (44 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

beauty & bizarre part 3

Sasha is feeling the full length of my rubber cock as her wet pussy juices make it wetter and wetter with each thrust! She uses the drip stand to steady herself as we fuck over the wheelchair... I give her a break as I feel my way down to her ass and slide some rubber gloved fingers in to her gapping and dripping wet pussy... (47 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Lovers Part 3

This part of this series now turns in to some serious B.P. action as Jamie and I move on to some Kinky Plastic and Rubber B.P. games... After feeling-up her tight Rubber Ass and pussy on the Plastic Sheeted sofa, I get Jamie to hold me up against the wall and play with me while still inside the huge Plastic Bag! This is the start of our very kinky Plastic and Rubber games... 

Photography By: Paul W.

Dirty Attic Domination Games Part 2

The second and final part of this series see Sasha now riding my face harder and harder as I feel her wet cunt through the PVC Bag! Her wet pussy is pressing down hard on my open mouth as she wants to feel my wet tongue licking her through the Plastic bag! This is making her cumm all over my face which is just as well as she gets so fucking wet when she cumms!!! My Rubber Hooded face would be dripping with her cunt juice!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Total Black Rubber Lust! Part 3

With Jamie sat on my face I lick her rubber crotch as she slides it around my mouth! I grab at her tight ass as she grinds herself in to me getting more and more lost in our total rubber lust!!! But rather than make her cumm just then I suggest we try some 69 action on the bed as we re-position and she sucks down hard on my huge rubber cock! Stunning total rubber action never seen before... 

Photography By: Paul W.

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