Double Rubber Layered Fucking Pt 1

Where to start with this gallery lol... Jamie and I are both dressed in black rubber "Catsuits," hoods, socks and gloves with a second layer of transparent rubber on top, consisting of torpedo tit catsuits, hoods, gloves and socks! Plus the rubber bed has two layers of fitted sheets and pillow cases both in black and transparent latex... We first get cosy on the bed before this session gets hard and kinky... (40 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Body Bag Layers Part 2

Now with my rubber boots taken off and being laid out on the rubber cushioned operating table by Vanessa, I feel her tongue slide over my rubber covered pussy as she teases me while playing and squeezing my huge tight rubber tits! Then sliding her tongue up my body she tries to get a mouthful of my breasts while putting her rubber gloved hand into my mouth... Rubbing the slippery transparent rubber body bag over me she is preparing it so she can get me inside...

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Vac-bed Fuck Part 1

Both Jamie and I are dressed head to toe in transparent black rubber! Even my extra large Vac Bed is made of the same translucent material... However this vac bed is slightly different as I have part of my head on the outside and it has a hole for my strap-on cock to fit through! Jamie wastes no time in attaching my rubber head hardness cock and plants her pussy right on my face as she fucks it! Stunning Rubber Fucking action before the vac bed is actually switched on!!! 

Photography By: Paul W.

Bizarre Heavy Rubber Fucking Part 1

Dressed in one of my favourite Inflatable rubber hoods, torpedo tit catsuits (complete with huge built in cock) corset, boots, gloves! I have Jamie tied to the rubber sofa encased in her sleeveless inflatable rubber body... She can not move as I move in close to use yet another inflatable on her! With her mouth filled my mind turns to what to do with my rubber slave in this truly intense rubber rooms scenes... 

Photography By: Paul W.

Beauty and Bizarre Part 2

Still unable to see where my rubber slut is I can sense she is getting ready for my rubber cock which is built in to my skin-tight rubber catsuit... I pull her in to me as the cock get swallowed by her hungry pussy and we start our bizarre rubber fucking games in the Rubber Room...

Photography By: Paul W.

Black On Black Part 5

Now getting towards the end of this black rubber gasmask and re-breather bag set, I now stand over the bed and really have to concentrate as the two rubber bags inflate and deflate as they hang beside me... My gasmask is steaming up with condensation as I sit down and think about what to do with my rubber encased slave who is waiting patiently in the inflatable rubber body bag and Hood!

Photography By: Paul W.

Total Black Rubber Lust! Part 2

Stunning full black rubber enclosure action here as we follow on from part 1, Still on the black rubber bed, Jamie now gets on all fours letting me feel her tight rubber ass in my blind rubber state! I start to grind my rubber cock that is built in to my tight rubber catsuit against her pussy, but its not time yet to fuck her... She climbs on to my face as we try some rubber facesitting...

Photography By: Paul W.

Dirty Attic Domination Games Part 1

Both Sasha and I go in to a caged area of the studio that has not seen a clean for many years as its filthy! But we are dressed in our shiny clean rubber and find an old rubber mattress to settle down on and start our plastic facesitting games as I introduce Sasha to the pleasures of being on top of me while riding my PVC face!!! She is almost shaking with excitement ready to start the pleasures of plastic face-sitting!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

transparent Rubber lovers Part 2

Continuing on from part one, both Jamie and I are getting more and more entwined in each others rubber grip as we play on the plastic sheeted sofa... I turn Jamie over so I can rub her tight rubber covered ass as she buries her head in the soft "Plastic Sheets"... 46 Hi-Res Pictures Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Body Bag Layers Part 1

What a way to introduce Vanessa Upton to the site! As we start some very restrictive rubber bondage games in the back room of our studios using an old operating table from the clinic... First however Vanessa needs to get me out of my rubber boots and on to the table so she can start to encase in tight rubber layers... (46 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

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