classic rubber & plastic part 2

The sweat is certainly building up inside my rubber catsuit as I caress the smooth plastic layers that are covering my black rubber body... Even my hands have on nice smooth plastic gloves that match my outfit! I rub my crotch and ass with them as I am getting myself more and more turned on... Also some great "Gas Mask" shots in this gallery, I just love this full faced rubber hooded mask... (47 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Sensual Plastic Lovers Part 3

Caressing Claudias pert nipples through the super soft tight plastic she is wearing is making me very wet indeed! Watch as I slide down beneath her thighs as she wraps my face in layers of her soft vinyl plastic cape... A must for every plastic lover!!! (45 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

rubber four some fucking part 2

Still awaiting my arrival these trio of rubber sluts just can not help themselves as they fuck and finger their pussies while all watching each other... Abi and Roxanne are fucking each other on the rubber bed and Carmel is wanking herself off while watching them fuck in rubber... Stunning rubber fucking action... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Orange Plastic Boudoir Part 5

This is where Carmel not only envelopes me in some serious plastic layers as she now is sitting on my face, grinding her pussy in to my mouth under my plastic re-breather hood! But also she takes the plastic curtain from the bed that is behind her and places it over her as she grinds herself harder into my face... Great double Plastic B.P. action!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Classic Plastic & Rubber part 1

I just love dressing in layers of plastic and rubber and taking a walk outside... This gallery shows me dressed in black rubber from head to toe and complete with a full faced gasmask. On top of my tight black rubber I have on smooth see-through vinyl trousers and a beautiful "Double Breasted Plastic Mac" Watch me play outside as I have prepared a plastic sheeted table for some fun and games... (44 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Black Rubber Sunbathing

During a hot sunny day I simply couldn not resist the temptation of playing around outside dressed head to toe in black rubber! So watch as I then relax on my rubber sun bed... Yes I even have a black rubber sun lounger to relax on as I look around to see if my neighbors are watching hee hee... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

rubber devil fucking part 3

Trapped inside her suspended metal puppy cage, there was little the rubber harnessed Sonia could do to resist my rubber cock! Robin was around the other side of the cage making sure she did not try and back out of her rubber oral duties... We then let her down and dressed her in a tight black rubber catsuit before brutally forcing our rubber gloves fingers into her little tight pussy... (38 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Plastic Vac-Bed Games!

I had an idea for a new style of vac-bed so when it finally arrived I goy Carmel around to help me try it out! This plastic vac-bed fits neatly to your mattress, so it can be left on the bed under your sheets! However for this gallery you can see that we didnt have to hide it hee hee... Once sucked inside my soft plastic layers Carmel climbs on top of me and starts her fun while I am totally helpless inside my vacuum packed heaven... (44 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

sensual plastic lover part 2

Having now introduced Claudia to the joys of soft sensual plastic I can tell she is loving every minute as the smooth plastic pulls tight across her erect nipples... Kissing and licking each other through her see through "Plastic Cape" we start to turn up the heat as we get lost in our smooth plastic world... (44 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

black on black part 3

Reaching for my gasmask that is hanging from a chain in my black rubber room, I detach it from its hook and bring it close to my face as I am going to add it to my multi layered outfit... Watch first however as I play with my rubber re-breather bags as I know soon that these will be my rubbery source of air... (38 Hi-Res pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

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