Heavy Rubberists part 4

Now its time to put on more layers of rubber hoods! First I help Katarina zip on another layer as she applies a thick rubber face to the hood she already wearing... All you can now see are her blues eyes peering out from within her black rubber cocoon... Then she helps me on with my double layered black rubber inflatable hood, a hood lovers dream... (46 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Fantasy Figures Part 5

This is the finale of this set and I have put this last part here in the inflatable section as you will see why as the gallery unfolds... Lana is fully dressed now in her inflatable hood, bloomers and top and all she needs now to complete her transformation into a rubber fantasy figure is some inflation!!! Both myself and Katarina prepare a willing Lana and we begin to transform her body... (52 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

orange plastic boudoir part 2

Carmel zips me up inside the plastic "Body Bag" with me now in two layers of super smooth orange plastic and once zipped up I can feel Carmel climb on top of me as I feel through the plastic bag and caress her body in smooth vinyl... This plastic overload will excite both B.P. lovers and plastic fetishists alike as you can almost smell the vinyl from this set... (45 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

Rubber Devil Fucking part 1

Introducing a new rubber slut to the site as we see Robin for the first time in the dungeon with me as I get to wear my favourite rubber outfit, The Rubber Devil!!! Robin is wearing a torpedo catsuit and tight corset as I make her first suck on my rubber cock before later bending her over the steel cage and fucking her... (38 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Blue Rubber rebreather fun

Carrying on from the blue fantasy gallery I now have on a black rubber gasmask with an attached black rubber re-breather bag... watch as the bag inflates and deflates as I move around the blue and black rubber room... Once again stunning rubber images... (44 Hi-Res Images) Photography By: Paul W.

Torpedo Tits Twosome

With her huge blow-up titted rubber leotard and corset, Carmel looks quite the rubber Dom! She wastes no time in pulling over a see-through vinyl sheet over my entire body as I lie on the padded black rubber floor... Then using her knees she straddles my head and covers me in smooth tight plastic!!! Stunning pictures of hardcore rubber action not to be missed... (59 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

Inflated Rubber Toy Part 5

This is the last in this series of galleries and now with the end in sight Katarina cranks up the rubber and plastic games... I am laid down on a rubber mattress and Katarina face-sits me inside my plastic cocoon... I can feel her all over me, writing her arse and thighs over my face... It gets me hornier and hornier!!! (54 Hi-Re Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

Transparent Rubber Vaccum Bag 2

With the heavy thick transparent rubber bag now getting ever tighter, I decide to up the pressure as I get to my knees... Sliding and pushing against the vacuum cocoon that encases me, I wrap the slippery lubed rubber tight around my neck! Hard rubber B.P. fun in stunning quality! What a feeling! (45 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul W.

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