Rubber Bondage Body part 1

Katarina plays my red rubber mistress as we start some rubber bondage games in the dungeon... I was trying out a new black rubber bondage body from Demask when Katarina got rather impatient and decided she would get me dressed much quicker... (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul W.

Weather Balloon B.P. Part 1

For those who have seen the video you will know what is going to unfold, but for those of you who have not here are some great rubber B.P. pics... Watch as I slip the thick and very tight rubber weather balloon hood onto myself...  I begin to inflate the balloon for the first part of this series... (44 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W

rubber fantasy figures part 4

Now Lana is dressed in her red rubber inflatable bloomers and top, she looks on in horror as we pull out a huge double horned inflatable rubber gasmask... Watch as we slide it on and inflate the horns! Lana is now becoming one of us as the beautiful turns into the rubber bizarre... (45 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Woodland Rubber Part 1

Indeed if you go down to the woods today! I guess seeing me in a full-length rubber buckle dress in pewter and a pair of black rubber jodhpurs and hood would give you a huge surprise... Hee Hee! But this is exactly what I did as you will see this outdoor rubber set unfold with me un-poppering my rubber crotch and let my fingers slide inside... (61 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Suspended In black!

Katarina and I are in the dungeon and we are preparing to play some suspension games... I am wearing a smokey grey catsuit and hood with matching long line skit and black gloves while Katarina is wearing a black and pewter mistress outfit... Watch as I climb inside the huge black plastic bag... (39 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

red rubber hammock & inflatable catsuit part 3

My red rubber body is now fully inflated and its time for my double skinned red rubber hood, which is attached to the catsuit, to be inflated... I love the rubber pushing in from all sides around every inch of my head and I am now getting closer to being encased inside the rubber hammock... (43 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Black Rubber! White Room Fuck! Part 1

As the name suggests this gallery is a black heavy rubber delight as not one inch of my skin is showing as I am literally covered from head to toe in skintight black rubber... Even my eyeholes are covered, as the hood has none!!! I have two cocks attached to me one with a gag that sits in my mouth, the other a strap-on, which the kinky Carmel will later put to good use, but first she caresses my tight rubber body... (42 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Messy Clear Plastic B.P. Part 2

This scene jsut gets harder and harder as the slippery cream covered plastic sticks to my face... Lana also wastes no time in making this probably one of the best B.P. scenes I have done as she places her hands all over my rubber clad curves... I have no idea where they will wander to next.. I love it!!!

Photography By: Paul.W.

Rude plastic dildo fun!

Dee and I are sat upon a red inflatable plastic sofa and we are both dressed in plastic Macs and plastic knickers, both in smooth soft vinyl plastic... We tease each other through our tight plastic knickers before we each slide them to one side and then slide the double ender into each other so we are both fucking in plastic at the same time!!! Very rude plastic fun hee hee... (47 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

black rubber & rope part 2

Sandra and I are playing once more with our rope and nooses while totally dressed from head to toe in black rubber and gasmasks! We look like a pair of rubber puppets hanging by our strings as we pull our selves up by the rope... As we pull harder the rope gets tighter and tighter... A great way to finish these kinky fun rope and rubber games... (50 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

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