Inflatable Red Rubber Toy. Part 1

I am fully inflated inside my double skinned rubber bondage coverall catsuit, unable to move very much, due to my arms being inside the catsuit I can just make out Katarinas Huge boobs through my pepper pot eyes as she squeezes me between them... My inflated rubber head gets rubbed all over her bare breasts as she plays with her new rubber toy... (38 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

rubber nurse fun part 3

The conclusion to this 3 part series is a rather messy one hee hee, as Rubberella and I finish ripping and cutting off Biancas red fishnets, we then turn her over and I lick the milk that is being douched all over Biancas ass by Rubberella... A very messy but enjoyable end... (43 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Torpedo Tit Dildo Slut!

We welcome Carmel to Rubber Eva and as a special treat we have put-up a solo hardcore gallery! Yes you lucky people you get to see the stunning rubber clad Carmel in an inflatable torpedo tit leotard lying on a plastic and rubber covered floor in the rubber room, while pounding her wet pussy with a double ender... What a way to make an entrance hee hee... (45 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Burning Rubber!

Three girls and three huge Cuban cigars, this is a very smokey set as the rubber pinstripe trio including me, light-up these massive cigars and start to puff away on them... The smoke is slowly pouring from our open mouth as we also gently blow the smoke onto each others rubber covered bodies... (52 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

rude rubber vac-bed with sandra part 3

Continuing this series you can now get some super close-ups of my naked vacuumed body as I try and move inside the transparent rubber cocoon... My massive breasts and shaven pussy are surely a very rude sight locked under there tight rubber vacuum, but Sandra wastes no time in licking them both as she squats over me in the 69 position... (42 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Inside the balloon part 3

Lana now decides to launch herself on top of the balloon I am in making is squash down on me... It was surprising to see just how much this thin latex could take as puts her whole weight upon it! Lastly we thought it would be fun to see how far the heel of a stiletto shoe would penetrate before popping my rubber cocoon? The answer was not very long hee hee... (50 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

yellow plastic over Rubber part 3

I guess the best way to describe this last part of Yellow Plastic Over Rubber is a slow soft sensual plastic strip... As first off comes the transparent yellow plastic bomber jacket and after that the tight clinging plastic trousers... A great end to the series that I know both rubber and plastic fans have enjoyed equally... (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

suspended transparent rubber vac-bed bondage 2

This is the final part of this two part series and now fully vacuumed and also suspended off the ground in the dungeon Katarina starts by licking my rubber vacuumed pussy as I can feel her tongue sliding up and down my thighs and pussy through the rubber... I get spun around in the vac-bed frame and see some great shots as I move around when you can see both front and back of my rubber-covered body... (52 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Messy Plastic B.P. Part 1

Lana has covered me all over in loads of whipped cream! My plastic clothes too are slippery and wet with cream as she now helps me inside a huge clear plastic bag that is now also covered in slippery wet cream... The kinky games can now begin and Lana wastes no time in covering me even more in plastic and cream!!! What a buzz... (38 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography

By: Paul.W.

3 girl rubber room bondage part 4

Yes the concluding part of this little rubber room bondage 3-some, yet again Jean takes the lead as she is playing Mistress! I am still chained to the wall as she fingers me roughly through my rubber catsuit...My arms are aching badly as they have been holding me up for so long... Bianca looks on in wonder as she too has nowhere to hide standing in he suspended webbed cage...

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