Rubber Gyno Sheath Suit Fuck Pt 3

I have many Rubber Sex Toys here in the Clinic, but my eyes are drawn to a Large Rubber Strap On Cock that is made in Red Latex! I am not sure how this is going to fit, but here goes! I first Lube up my Latex Sheath inside me and then start to push it in to my slippery wet cunt... I push as hard as I can to stretch myself as it enters my Rubber Suit and sheath as I start my Rubber Fucking games in the gyno chair!!!

Photography By Paul W.

Rubber Titty Anal Bitch Part 10

Pulling on my Rubber Trans Titty Sluts cock I stroke her to the point of climax and the stopping! As I slide my wet Rubber Hooded face and mouth over her Throbbing Cock I grab at her Huge Silicone Tits... Now however it's time for her to get Fucked Up The Ass as I first finger her Rubber Sheathed Ass with my Latex Fingers and then with a Huge Rubber Cock! Take this you Latex bitch and see how you like it nice and deep up your ass!!!

Photography By Paul W.


Autumnal Inflatable Rubber Capers Pt 6

I lay down on the Rubber Coat that I have now taken off and while on all fours stick out my Inflatable Rubber Ass as I feel the Layers Of Rubber press against my body! Kneeling up I slide my Red Rubber Gloves between my thighs as I peer out from my Inflatable Rubber Hood while stroking my now very wet pussy through the Latex layers...

Photography By Paul W.

Red Rubber & Plastic Hazmat Part 2

Laying back in the Plastic Sheeted chair I feel myself all over in my Tight Shiny Red Rubber! The Latex Corset is pulling me in nice and tight as I grab as the Glass Clear PVC... Spying the Plastic Hazmat Suit hanging nearby I slip off my High Heeled Shoes and bring it over to where I am sitting. Slowly I pull the Soft Transparent Plastic up over my legs as I start to get dressed in this PVC Suit!

Photography By: Paul W.

Games Room Rubber Vac Part 8

Taking off my Rubber Thong, I still have the urge to fuck my Latex Vac Bed slave before I turn on the vacuum!!! So squatting over his cock that is sticking out of the Rubber Bed I slide it inside my Rubber Sheath that is attached to my Latex Catsuit! I try several positions before I start to fuck him faster! Watch as we Fuck In Rubber on the bar room pool table...

Photography By: Paul W.

Autumnal Inflatable Rubber Capers Pt 5

Rubbing my red Rubber Gloved Hands all over my Inflatable Rubber body I just get lost in the Latex aromas and the pressing in of the inner Rubber layer that covered my whole body... This Latex Total Enclosure is just heightened by being outdoors as I roll over on my Rubber Coat that I am using as a ground sheet! I push my Inflatable Latex ass in the air as I crawl on to all fours...

Photography By: Paul W.

Heavy Plastic Layered Fuck Part 3

I have found my Rubber Inflatable Probe and as I pump it up I push it in to my Plastic Hood and mouth as I roll around the Plastic Sheeted Bed while stroking and fucking my pussy with my other hand... Next my Rubber T.E. Suited slave joins me for some Plastic Pants muff games as I pull on these Hooded Plastic Pants over my Plastic Enclosure Suit! This is a must for all Plastic Lovers!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Anal Onslaught For Rubber Titty Slut Pt 8

In this the last part of the series, I slide my Rubber Hooded Face under the Plastic Blouse my Rubber Sissy Slut is wearing over her Latex Catsuit as I slide my Big Rubber Strap On Cock in and out of her ass!!! Pulling out I see just how open her Rubber ass is and push in all my fingers as this bitch gobbles them up... I stroke my Rubber Cock at the same time just to remind her who has the biggest cock! A great finish to the Rubber Sissy series!

Photography By: Paul W.

Slippery Black Rubber Part 5

Rolling around in the Lube while on the Shiny Black PVC is just unbelievable as I carry on playing outside in the garden! I grab at the Huge Rubber Cocks that are in the Lube bath with me... I slide them all over my Rubber Catsuited Body as I writhe in Rubber and Plastic Ecstasy! I can't wait to get some Latex cock inside me as I rub them harder and harder over my now very wet pussy throbbing under my Latex Catsuit!!!

Photography By: Paul W.

Games Room Rubber Vac Part 7

Standing over my Rubber Slave in his Latex Vac Bed, I tease him with my Rubber Toes as I rub them all over his Rubber Gasmasked Face which is also covered in a Plastic Hood! This only excites him more and the lure of his Hard Cock sticking out from the Rubber Bed I can take no longer... I squat over his cock and slide it in to my Rubber Sheath that is already inside me!!!

Photography Bu: Paul W.

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