Blue lagoon part 1

Blue is definitely the order of the day in this gallery as I play on a blue mosaic tile fountain table in a huge swimming pool, dressed in? Yes you guessed it a blue transparent catsuit... Watch the water cascade of the shiny blue rubber and there are some great-overhead shots as I make the most of beautiful summer sun... (43 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W. & Ian Rath.

Red Rubber Head Games Part 3

Now completely hooked up to the spreader bar above my head with the leather bondage mitts I have on, I am at the complete mercy of Katarina and Lucy who now have me pulled up off my chair via the winch so I am standing upright with my arms outstretched... Once they have finished playing with me and have the hood pumped to the max they leave me in rubber darkness suspended in the dungeon... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Huge Latex Ballon Part 1

This huge transparent rubber weather balloon is blown up to a size where I can get inside... Dressed in purple latex you can see me inside as Lana pushes the thin rubber skin down on me from the outside, the feeling of being inside this rubber cocoon is just fantastic and what a stunning job Lana does from the outside... (39 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Plastic layers part 1

If you like your plastic smooth and in all sorts of colours and in lots and lots of lovely layers this gallery is for you! Dee and I are on a huge inflatable plastic bed in the blue room and we have on all manner of plastic outfits from plastic pants to top, trousers, coats and jumpsuits... Watch us both start top peel back the plastic layers as we start to get undressed to show off all the plastic we both have on... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

tight rubber enclosure part 1

With the three of us all in Smokey Grey transparent rubber this rubber dungeon set takes on a very stylish feel as Lana and Katarina have me inside the super tight fitting body bag, complete with two hoods... I can see very little as the two girls play with me from the outside and I can feel the rubber through their wandering hands, what a buzz... (40 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Plastic Vac-Bed Sessions Part 1

Inside the clear plastic vac-bed I am dressed in transparent yellow rubber and black fishnets and gloves ready for the vacuum... However first I want to test the plastic re-breather bag that will be fitted to my breather tube when vacuumed... It works perfectly! Vac me up Baby!! (36 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

complete black rubber dildo fun part 2

Its been a while coming but this stunning black rubber set has its second part shown here as I roll around the floor totally covered in tight black rubber!! The dildo I have been using as a strap-on now gets taken out and I lie down on the rubber covered floor I unzip my catsuit and slide it in nice and deep as I have been waiting for this, or should I say my wet pussy has hee hee... (39 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

total rubber enclosure part 2

With my rubber slave Sandra now under control in a black rubber straight jacket, its time to put on a very thick red rubber hood which is in two parts as I close it tight around her head... With the rubber straps pulled tight and Sandra now completely enclosed in rubber its time to lay her down on the bed and inside the double layered inflatable rubber bondage bag... (42 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

double plastic body bag part 4

This is the last in this 4 part series and what a way to finish off as both Dee and myself are totally covered in slippery lube and the super smooth plastic... We are both very turned on and wet as we continue to face sit each other and see my fingers slide inside my wet pussy as we bring this wonderful series to a slippery plastic climatic end... (39 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

black rubber sunset part 1

High up on a roof terrace in Spain I look out over the bay watching the sun slowly set... I have on long rubber thigh length boots and a very very, short skin tight rubber dress and a pair of rubber gloves... As you will see I have no knickers on and this cheeky little number leaves nothing to the imagination at all as I lean over the balcony... (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

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