red te suit and re-breather bags part 3

Playing in "The Rubber Clinic" was never so much fun as I am totally enclosed in tight red rubber!!! I also have rubber tubes everywhere; these are connected to my TE Suit gas mask via the rubber re-breather bags that are then attached along the lines of tubes... I still think this suit is my favorite! (43 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

transparent vacuumed packed with arms part 3

The girls now turn on the vacuum to make me nice and tight inside my perfect transparent rubber vacuum bed... They take turns in climbing over my suctioned rubber body as I feel my way around their rubber clad bodies with my hands that are also attached to the vacuum bed but allow me to move them, which makes this experience extra special... (40 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Plastic bag and balloon fun Part 1

I am sitting inside a fully inflated plastic body sized bag with some balloons that need inflating, I have to blow them up myself whilst inside the bag... Dressed in sensual tight purple rubber I get a real turn on as I inflate more and more lovely balloons that soon pack in tight around me! (38 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

red rubber & clear plastic fun part 3

I decided to put this last part of this rubber and plastic gallery here in the inflatable section of the site as it has some great inflatable rubber in it! First you will see I have on a double layer ball hood and then under the clear plastic dress coat I have on there are some inflatable red rubber bloomers, watch me feel my way around the room as I play in my inflatable rubber and plastic world... (42 Hi-res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Rubber Monster Fun! Part 3

Lucy is now inside the double skinned rubber inflatable worm bag and as the bag gets zipped-up by the horny inflated Katarina and the sexy rubber striped Chevron monster... Once Lucy is zipped tight inside the bag she can feel the air being pumped in as the two rubber-clad beauties get the air hose connected and climb all over the now inflated rubber body bag... (40 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Clingfilm & Cross Fun Part 2

Now with my arms, legs and body firmly shrink wrapped to the St Andrews cross in the dungeon, Lana now decides its time for some sexy B.P. games... With the thin clear plastic being unraveled and wrapped tightly around me I get really excited as I watch the layers of plastic get piled on... (38 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W

Blue lagoon part 1

Blue is definitely the order of the day in this gallery as I play on a blue mosaic tile fountain table in a huge swimming pool, dressed in? Yes you guessed it a blue transparent catsuit... Watch the water cascade of the shiny blue rubber and there are some great-overhead shots as I make the most of beautiful summer sun... (43 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W. & Ian Rath.

Red Rubber Head Games Part 3

Now completely hooked up to the spreader bar above my head with the leather bondage mitts I have on, I am at the complete mercy of Katarina and Lucy who now have me pulled up off my chair via the winch so I am standing upright with my arms outstretched... Once they have finished playing with me and have the hood pumped to the max they leave me in rubber darkness suspended in the dungeon... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Huge Latex Ballon Part 1

This huge transparent rubber weather balloon is blown up to a size where I can get inside... Dressed in purple latex you can see me inside as Lana pushes the thin rubber skin down on me from the outside, the feeling of being inside this rubber cocoon is just fantastic and what a stunning job Lana does from the outside... (39 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

Plastic layers part 1

If you like your plastic smooth and in all sorts of colours and in lots and lots of lovely layers this gallery is for you! Dee and I are on a huge inflatable plastic bed in the blue room and we have on all manner of plastic outfits from plastic pants to top, trousers, coats and jumpsuits... Watch us both start top peel back the plastic layers as we start to get undressed to show off all the plastic we both have on... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

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