Rubber Trio 3

Now inside my black rubber vac-bed and Bianca in her transparent bed we have no escape from the black rubber-clad Rubberella!!! She takes my arms from the vac-bed I am in and shackles my wrists together, I try and see what is happening by looking out of the breathing hole but to no avail... Rubberella slides and slips her way over both of us enjoys the sight of me wriggling with pleasure, wondering what she has in store for me next!?!... (38 Hi-Res pictures)

Photos By: Martin Perreault - Re-Touched By: James.

black cat tuscan part 2

Now out of the water I get up onto the bonnet of the TVR and sit with my ballet boots hooked under the huge air intake vent on the bonnet... You can see every curve of my skin-tight rubber body as I lay across the curves of the car itself and the contrast is quite something... (31 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Slave Training part 5

Nearing the end of this mammoth training session, Amber and Jewell are certainly getting put through their paces and the nipple clamps come out for them both... With Amber laid on her back and Jewell bend over with her head deep between her legs and licking her pussy she still has my cock inside her... Hard action all the way as we near the end of this session... (36 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Ian Rath

Heavy Rubber Nun part 2

I know this part two has been a while in coming but here it is! And I'm sure you will agree itís well worth the wait... In this second part I put on my rubber gasmask with attached rubber tube, which then attaches to two rubber re-breather bags... This really does make the rubber nun and "Heavy Rubber Nun".. (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Red pony play part 1

This new series of pony play was shot this year at the magical French Chateau we hired for all our fetish friends from around the world... With the beautiful "Miss Eden Wells" as my red rubber strapped ponygirl, complete with her rubber and feather head dress I lead her first in her dressage training and then hook her up to the waiting carriage to pull me around the grounds... (36 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

Ambers dildo training part 3

Following on from parts two and three once again Amber is spreading her legs pushing in the large inflatable rubber dildo deep into her wet pussy. I now let her lick my rubber ass as I decide whether to take her dildo out of her mouth or pussy or both!!! I slide the wet rubber dildo out of Amberís pussy and force it deep into her mouth as it slides in easily with all her wet juices on it... (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Ian Rath (www.fetish nation.com)

Rubber pool sunbathing part 1

Dressed in a Smokey grey transparent catsuit and hood I lie on an inflatable plastic lilo as I soak up the summer sun... First I have on my hat and shade over my rubber hood although they soon come off to show off all the rubber I have on even in the hot sun... (35 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography BY: Paul.W.

Heavy Rubber Gasmask Fun Part 1

This gallery is one of my favourites of late as I have on a very cool gasmask with dual tubes and a full-face screen... One of the rubber tubes is hooked up to a bottle of my own pee... and I have to breathe through it to get some air... All in black rubber from top to toe this multiple layered affair is topped off with a great corset harness and attached pussy pants from "HW Design" (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

transparent rubber love part 2

Following on from part one both Bianca and I get even closer with some kinky kissing and some very intimate feeling of each other as our hands slide all over each other transparent latex coated bodies... For any transparent rubber lover this is a must... (31 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography By: Martin Perreault - www.martinperreault.com

inflatable chair strap (part 2)

The pressure is on as Morrigan first lets me see and smell my inflatable rubber hood then she slides it over my head and pumps it up hard... I can feel her hooking up the compressor and value to my inflatable suit and while I sit and wonder strapped to the chair I start to feel the air rushing in and filling my suit... Morrigan inflates this to a truly mad size in part three but for now watch the inflatable games begin.. (32 Hi-Res pictures) Photography By: Paul.W.

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