Armed with my credit card and some rubber clad friends we all headed off to the Skin Two's Expo as you will see I dressed everyone in Military mode and most was from "Inner Sanctum" and the black naval oufit was from "House of Harlot".. We caused a bit of a stir while waiting for a taxi when Rubberella spotted some bin men and decided to say Hi as only she could lol.... (29 pictures) Photography by: Martin Perreault

Flippers and Tubs

What a wet and wonderful time I had with Corrine making this set :} we both dressed up in our rubber wetsuits and plunged into the hot tub... Once in I started to dress Corrine in her favourite mask, snorkel and flippers and what fun I had doing it... we also are wearing matching rubber bathing caps just to top the outfits off with hee hee.. (31 Hi-Res Pictures)

Transparent rubber Doll

What on outfit we have here from "Marquis" a transparent latex slip under a latex skirt and governess top and to top it all off a fantastic rubber doll's mask from "Marquis Heavy Rubber" ... This set was shot by both our own Photographer Paul and Peter W. Czernich on location at Kink In The Carribean 4, you can also get all these fantastic clothes via the marquis site at: http://www.marquis.de This is a must for all transparent rubber lovers as I get very hot and sweaty in the white tiled steam room, but at least I have my favourite tipple to cool me down..... (30 Hi-Res Pictures)

scuba fun

In this gallery you can see Corrine and myself getting ready for some wetsuit fun with us both getting into our old style rubber bathing caps... Already dressed in our rubber, me in a full wetsuit and Corrine in her very tight fitting smooth one-piece neoprene bathing outfit we get down to some rubber fun in the hot tub hee hee.. A real must for all wetsuit and bathing cap fans. (31 Hi-Res Pictures)

Bedded In Plastic Part 2

Following on from the bedded in plastic part one we have the lovely Aylith and of course me :) getting down to some serious plastic play, Aylith helps me on with my hood and then climbs on top of me showing her skin tight plastic bottom, which I just have to squeeze. Then once sitting astride me she starts to pump up my plastic hood even further... Watch us caress each other in the lovely smooth plastic before falling asleep together in our plastic covered bed..

(30 Hi-Res Pictures)

Spider Vac Part 1

Vac-em, Pack-em, and Rack-em, well this gallery gives a whole new meaning to that phrase lol, this was one of the nicest feelings I have had in a long time, with the smoothest of tight plastic sucked in to every curve of my body with the aid of a vacum.... See some fantasic shoots of the tight plastic wrapping itself all over my naked body as the air is sucked out, leaving me almost motionless in the vacum packed, plastic sack... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Plastic Red Room Part 1

Here we have a beautifully photographed super smooth plastic catsuit made by PVC-U-Like, this set was shot in the Marquis Studios by Peter.W.Czernich (www.marquis.de) See the semi transparent plastic hug my naked body revealing all my curves, this gallery was set in the "Red Room" and I think you will agree the red background shows's of the plastic at its best... Also in this set I am wearing rubber boots, two pairs of rubber gloves, a plastic open faced hood and some rubber goggles to top the oufit off :) (31 Hi-Res Pictures)

red rubber re-breather part 2

Here is the second part of this very kinky rubber re-breather and tubes set, encased in my rubber catsuit and attached to all manner of masks and tubes I carry on my rubber fun with me getting into all sorts of positions on the gyno couch... There are some super high detail close-ups here too for those who like to see where to tubes went hee hee... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Boat Trip special

Here is a little fun gallery that Paul took when myself, Corrine and Dee went out for a evening or rubbery fun while being guests of EU Webmasters on a boat trip up the thames at night, which as you can see was a very fun evening from posing outside in sub zero temp under Big Ben to playing with my two favourite rubber girls :)..... (9 Pictures)

Bizarre Green Plastic Part 1

High on a Spanish mountain I induldge my passion for smooth sliky soft plastic with a tight fitting plastic catsuit and matching inflatable hood courtesty of PVC-U-Like... I loose all sense of time as I rub my plastic covered body and wet pussy as I am unable to see much as the inflatable plastic hood squeezes my face nice and tight, once covered up in this fab oufit I put on a clear plastic cape with ties tight sround my hood leaving me with lots of lovely plastic layers floating around me....

(36 Hi-Res Pictures)

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