Inflatable plastic hazmat suit

Here is a new idea that was born from the request section of the "Forum" and with the help of Dee in her lovley see through red plastic mac she helps me into a green and transparent plastic inflatable hazmat suit which was kindly suppied by www.plasticplay.co.uk Once zippered up inside we got down to the best bit which was blowing it up and as you see I loved every minuite of it, inside my own personal plastic bubble.... (30 Hi-Res Pictures)

kinky red smoke

Here is a gallery that we shot last year at the "Kink In The Carribean 4" Event, here in this set you can see me outside strolling in the lucious tropical gardens of the resort wearing a bright red rubber catsuit with matching boots and corset... Although not all of these pictures are of smoking the majority are and for those of you who like you rubber tight shiny and then mixed up with some smoking, this is the one for you.... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

rubber loving part 2

Here we have the second part to this very kinky and erotic heavy rubber set that Paul shot at the Marquis studios, as you will see both Rubberella and myself are completely covered in tight red and black rubber.... Watch me get bent over and pushed into submission as my face is sunk into the rubber covered walls and then I get Rubberellas hard cock in my wet rubber pussy..... (34 Hi-Res Pictures)

Rubber Weather balloon games part 1

This is the first part of a very cool set that has both Rubberella and myself getting very playful with a transaprent rubber weather balloon, which I get into.... Here you can see me already in rubber hood and rubber bathing cap getting squeezed into the nexk of the balloon with the help of Rubberella, Once inside I can only make out the shadows and feel the rubbery probing hands all over my naked body.... These fantastic pictures where taken at the Marquis Studios by Peter.W.Czernich of (www.marquis.de) (33 Hi-Res Pictures)


We thought it would be nice to pick an old favourite out of the Rubber Eva wardrobe to take with us on our Spanish trip this year and following on from a request we had in the "Forum" here is a simple but very sexy plastic Mac and rubber Wellies gallery which contains nudity.... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Fine art photgraphy by marla rutherford

I got the chance recently to work with one of my favourite art photgraphers "Marla Rutherford" here we have a selection of black and white and colour still we did when spending a day at her studio. (30 Pictures)

gasmask and tubes part 2

In this second part on "Gasmask and Tubes" you can see that I get even more rubber tubes to play with as I hook them up to this fantastic heavy rubber gasmask I have on... This gallery shows off some really cool shots of my transparent rubber catsuit and all the other layers I have on.... (32 Hi-Res Pictures Shot By Peter.W.Czernich at www.marquis.de)

Transparent rubber layers part 1

Here is a must for all lovers of transparent rubber.. as you will know by know its one of my favourite looks and here in this set you can see me with lots of rubber layers covering my body, which include stockings, gloves, tights, shoulder gloves, suspender body, coat, mask etc.. as I peel back the layers of this glourious rubber you can see whats underneath... (42 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Peter.W. Czernich.

Heavy rubber nun part 1

Black is back ! or did it ever fade away ? well here in this multi-layered black latex fantasy for all heavy rubber fans... Dressed in a skintight thick latex catsuit, a long open fronted dresscoat, a pair of long black rubber boots, hood, gloves and a nuns habit and collar... I am in the new fully lined rubber room with my rubber bed walls and floor... (36 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W.

red te suit and re-breather bags part 1

I couldn't wait to try on my new made to measure "Total Enclosure" suit made in thick red rubber which just fits my body like a glove... Once zipped up inside my rubber suit I hook up to not just 1, 2 or even 3 but 8 rubber re-breathing bags, this was quite a hard thing to do as the tubes were everywhere which made it quite hard to concentrate on my breathing, but as you will see the results are amazing.... (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W

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