Beaver wetsuit fun part 1

Its been such along time since we did any wetsuit pictures I have shot two new galleries to put that right and here is the first with my new two-piece "Beaver Wetsuit"... The first I have on is the shorty version with zipper on the front and I get into a huge blue plastic pool in one of our new plastic sets, the contrast I think you will agree is stunning... I start to undo my very tight wetsuit and spill out of this tight rubber suit and later see me getting down and dirty in the cool water... (31 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W.

Plastic Water Hood Part 1

This is something we had thought about for some time but never got around to it, but a few weeks ago we finally did the shoot, I was dressed in a clear plastic bomber jacket and trousers, a clear cape and of course a double layered clear plastic infaltable hood... But instead of inflating the hood with air we decided to fill it with water, what you will see here are some truly strange and bizzare pictures that I am sure you will never have seen the like of which before... (36 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photos By Paul.W.

Transparent rubber layers part 1

Here we have the first in a two part series shot with Peter.W. Czernich in Germany and as you can see this is a multi layered affair with just layer apon layer of lovely yellow transparent rubber, including not one but 3 pairs of gloves, hoods, two tops and various pants including one of my old favouites the pussy pants.... All this and then we add some water in the shape of the shower hose, this really was wet rubber fun at its best.... (36 H-Res Pictures) Photography By: Peter.W.Czernich (www.marquis.de)

Slave training part 3

Following on from part two our two slaves Amber and Jewell get some rather strong attention directed at there now red bottoms, just how much spanking and cropping they can take?, later Jewell has to worship my huge rubber strap-on cock and if she does well enough she will be sure to get it inside her in part 4... This part also contains rubber hood dressing with myself and Eden Wells who plays the black rubber mistress... (43 Hi-Res Pictures) Photographs by:Ian Rath (www.fetishnation.com)

Bedded In Plastic Part 1

Well this is a smooth plastic lovers dream, as myself and Aylith get into the bed now covered in glorious super smooth see-through plastic bedding from P-V-C U Like, while I have my blue transparent plastic bloomers and matching top Aylith prefers her tight little see through hot pants... which leaves nothing to the imagination... In this first part you can see us getting very playful and then getting down to some plastic hood play with me in an inflatable see through hood and Aylith in a see through single skinned one with attached re-breather bag... (34 Hi-Res Pictures)

Blue Vac-Packed Part 1

Why vac-pack I hear you cry? well in the second part of this set you will see why as the lovely smooth plastic bag that I am climbing into in this set is attached to a hoover and then switched on, the pictures stunning!!! This set shows me in my clear plastic hot pants climbing into a beautiful sleep sack I bought from "PVC-U-Like" the smell and the feeling of soft smooth plastic just sends me to heaven, hope U like it and as always leave your comments on the "Forum "... Luv Eva (36 pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

plastic beach fun part 2

Part two of this very sexy tight plastic set, which shows me getting very hot under the collar and opening my plastic jacket to play with myself... I hardly notice the waves crashing around me as I get quite carried away.... (29 Pictures)

Rubber Sheet Fun

This gallery is from the "Fetish Academy 3" DVD which of course I had a staring role :) and this gallery is where I got to play with Stacy under a clear transparent rubber sheet on a black rubber bed in the Academy... Stacy just loves to play with rubber sheets and as you will see I do too when we get down to some serious action.... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photos by Peter.W.Czernich

yellow vac-bed fucking part 2

Here is the very hot part two of this set where Cindy gets ontop of me as I am vacumed inside my semi-transparent yellow rubber vacbed and as you will know from part one I have a huge black rubber dildo poking out from the rubber bed.... Once ontop Cindy slides her self down on this huge rubber cock and starts to fuck me as I lay in my rubber womb, she really gets carried away as I feel her hands al over my rubber clad body... This gallery contains strong sexual content! (33 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W.


Here is a gallery for lovers of plastic clad fun, together with Indigo I have some kinky plastic face sitting fun as we try this out on each other, first Indigo in her semi transparent blue plastic outfit and then me in my see-through trouser and jacket set. The plastic gets very tight as I lower my bottom onto a waiting face :} We round this set of with a double skined infatable see-through plastic hood... (37 Pictures)

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