Bedded In Plastic Part 1

Well this is a smooth plastic lovers dream, as myself and Aylith get into the bed now covered in glorious super smooth see-through plastic bedding from P-V-C U Like, while I have my blue transparent plastic bloomers and matching top Aylith prefers her tight little see through hot pants... which leaves nothing to the imagination... In this first part you can see us getting very playful and then getting down to some plastic hood play with me in an inflatable see through hood and Aylith in a see through single skinned one with attached re-breather bag... (34 Hi-Res Pictures)

Blue Vac-Packed Part 1

Why vac-pack I hear you cry? well in the second part of this set you will see why as the lovely smooth plastic bag that I am climbing into in this set is attached to a hoover and then switched on, the pictures stunning!!! This set shows me in my clear plastic hot pants climbing into a beautiful sleep sack I bought from "PVC-U-Like" the smell and the feeling of soft smooth plastic just sends me to heaven, hope U like it and as always leave your comments on the "Forum "... Luv Eva (36 pictures)

Photography By: Paul.W.

plastic beach fun part 2

Part two of this very sexy tight plastic set, which shows me getting very hot under the collar and opening my plastic jacket to play with myself... I hardly notice the waves crashing around me as I get quite carried away.... (29 Pictures)

Rubber Sheet Fun

This gallery is from the "Fetish Academy 3" DVD which of course I had a staring role :) and this gallery is where I got to play with Stacy under a clear transparent rubber sheet on a black rubber bed in the Academy... Stacy just loves to play with rubber sheets and as you will see I do too when we get down to some serious action.... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Photos by Peter.W.Czernich

yellow vac-bed fucking part 2

Here is the very hot part two of this set where Cindy gets ontop of me as I am vacumed inside my semi-transparent yellow rubber vacbed and as you will know from part one I have a huge black rubber dildo poking out from the rubber bed.... Once ontop Cindy slides her self down on this huge rubber cock and starts to fuck me as I lay in my rubber womb, she really gets carried away as I feel her hands al over my rubber clad body... This gallery contains strong sexual content! (33 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W.


Here is a gallery for lovers of plastic clad fun, together with Indigo I have some kinky plastic face sitting fun as we try this out on each other, first Indigo in her semi transparent blue plastic outfit and then me in my see-through trouser and jacket set. The plastic gets very tight as I lower my bottom onto a waiting face :} We round this set of with a double skined infatable see-through plastic hood... (37 Pictures)

wet plastic strap-on fun part 2

The fun just gets wetter and more horny in this second set as we get very up close and personal with our strap-on's... See some super close up shots of myself and Corrine get ohh so wet rubbing the super smooth wet plastic all over our bodies, see the water running off the surface, ummmmm a plastic lovers dream....

Plastic Beach Fun part 1

Attention all skintight see-through plastic fans!!! here is an album set that you will love, watch as I stroll along a pebbly beach in the hot sun... Then see me playing in the water showing off all my plastic covered curves to perfection as the wet plastic sticks to me like a second skin... (29 Pictures)


A rubbery bit of fun in the snow is the theme of this gallery as seeing we don't get much here in London these days I just couldn't resist the temptation of have a snowball fight with my good friend Dee, she was round for a shoot and suggested we get all rubered up in catsuits, hoods, wellington's and long rubber coats to go and play in the snow... I think you will see what a laugh we both had and hope you all enjoy... (35 Hi-Res Pictures)

dentist chair games part 2

Following on from part 1 I have now had enough of the drilling for oil in my mouth and manage to persuade Rubberella to stop for some ass worship instead... What she didn't know is that I would get my own back for all that gassing and drilling and when she was least expecting it I bite her ass really hard lol boy did it make her jump :) (31 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Peter.W.Czernich.

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