wet plastic strap-on fun part 2

The fun just gets wetter and more horny in this second set as we get very up close and personal with our strap-on's... See some super close up shots of myself and Corrine get ohh so wet rubbing the super smooth wet plastic all over our bodies, see the water running off the surface, ummmmm a plastic lovers dream....

Plastic Beach Fun part 1

Attention all skintight see-through plastic fans!!! here is an album set that you will love, watch as I stroll along a pebbly beach in the hot sun... Then see me playing in the water showing off all my plastic covered curves to perfection as the wet plastic sticks to me like a second skin... (29 Pictures)


A rubbery bit of fun in the snow is the theme of this gallery as seeing we don't get much here in London these days I just couldn't resist the temptation of have a snowball fight with my good friend Dee, she was round for a shoot and suggested we get all rubered up in catsuits, hoods, wellington's and long rubber coats to go and play in the snow... I think you will see what a laugh we both had and hope you all enjoy... (35 Hi-Res Pictures)

dentist chair games part 2

Following on from part 1 I have now had enough of the drilling for oil in my mouth and manage to persuade Rubberella to stop for some ass worship instead... What she didn't know is that I would get my own back for all that gassing and drilling and when she was least expecting it I bite her ass really hard lol boy did it make her jump :) (31 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Peter.W.Czernich.

Buckets of Cum

"Just how much cumm can I get in my mouth" was the question Paul asked as we prepared for our shoot at Marquis, "Why?" I asked, well just a thought, ummm little did I know that he and Peter had been plotting ideas with there gallons of white sticky cumm.... So getting stuck into the sticky business of playing with this much white stuff I found myself enoying it more than I could have imagined, this is the first in a quite incredible series you can see how black latex and white cumm are just made for each other.... (36 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Peter.W.Czernich (www.marquis.de)

Transparent curtains part 2

Following on from part one this gallery gets more kinky with some serious transparent rubber B.P., also some serious naked close-ups for those who like the slippery see-through look of latex on a naked body..... (30 Hi-Res Pictures)

Rubber rope bondage part 3

Here we have the final part in this fantastic series shot by Ian Rath at the fetish nation studios… In this gallery my two rubber clad doms Amber and Jewell decide some serious drooling is in order as the metal ring gag I have in my mouth makes me drool all over the floor... See some super close-up shots as I try and wriggle free of my ropes, which of course I can't... (36 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Ian Rath.

Viper Eva Part 2

Well with the soap suds flowing I couldn't resist rubbing my wet yellow latex body all over as the warm wet soap just felt so good against my rubber and I was slightly distracted as I forgot my car washing duties... However I soon got a wake-up call as a cold water pressure hose was turned on me, boy that certainly woke me up from my daydreams lol, see the water cascading from my soapy lathered body, leaving my yellow rubber clad body nice and clean, a fine conclusion to this set... (36 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W.

Heavy rubber medical part 1

This gallery is the first in very cute but devilishly kinky series and introduces the beautiful Bianca Beauchamp who we had the great pleasure of working with recently at R.E. Production studios... This starts off quite gently as I get my patient "Miss Beauchamp" up onto the operating table in the medical studio, she complains a little at first but who will argue with the "Heavy Rubber Nurse?".... This set shows me in a full on rubber ensemble with layers of latex including hood and rubber mask for my patient to adore..... (40 Hi-Res Pictures) Photography by: Martin Perreault - www.martinperreault.com

Rubber doll face

Here is the fourth and final part of the "Rubber Bondage Body" in this final set Stacy completes her rubber transformation of my body into a rubber doll, which she makes with real make-up and wig and as you will see I am helpless to resist.... Once the hood is on and tied tight I can only breath as I can't hear, see, or speak which being tied also to the metal bench was a bondage dream delight... These fantastic pictures where taken at the Marquis Studios by Peter.W.Czernich (www.marquis.de) (29 Hi-Res Pictures)

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