Full wetsuit wonder

This super smooth tight fitting neoprene wetsuit was just heaven to wear while I was playing amongst the water, I just love the way the water droplets just fall off this rubber suit and here in this set you can see all the wet action of me playing in the surf while wearing my mask and snorkel, a must for wetsuit and scuba fans...(41 Pictures)

Inflatable Smoke Hood

Wow what a rush to the head this set was :)... Cindy enclosed my head with a tight see-through plastic inflatable hood, but instead of blowing it up with air the naughty girl blew it full of cigarette smoke and then made me smoke the thing through a breathing tube, whats a sexy buzz!! Then she plugged the breather hole with a perfect fitting fag.... Watch as a rubber clad cindy enjoys wathcing me smoke inside my plastic hood...

 (30 Hi-Res Pictures)

Dentist chair games part 1

Here is a requested set from the "Forum" that has myself and Rubberella playing "Dentist and Patient" and guess who gets the part of the patient lol, yeap you guessed it me... First I am made to lie down on this very old chair and Rubberella gets out her drills and instruments thrill me! In this first part you can see two rubber clad girls with medical masks, drills, and some rubber facesitting.

(33 Hi-Res Pictures by Peter.W.Czernich)

Rubber rope bondage part 2

Here is part two of this very cool gallery where my two rubber clad playmates Jewell and Amber start to turn up the heat... Not content with having me tied to a bench and roped to a winch they continue there bondage games by having me take a large ring gag, which was placed into my open mouth by Amber....

(36 Hi-Res Pictures by Ian Rath of Fetish Nation)

ambers dildo training part 2

Following on from part two I start to get undressed and take off my rubber bra and jacket so I can more easily get to work on my slave for the day "Miss Amber Michaels".... As you will see the huge inflatable rubber cock is filling her wet pussy nicely but I decide she needs even more filling so get to work on another inflatable rubber gag for her mouth... This set is not for the easily offended, you have been warned.. (34 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Ian Rath.


If you like two girls with strap-ons and clad in tight see through plastic here is the ablbum for you... Here in the first part of a very steamy set where myself and Corrine get down to some kinky cock sucking fun.... (36 Hi-Res Pictures)

Spider Vac Part 2

This where the B.P. fun starts in this the second part of the "Spider Vac", not content with being sucked and squeezed inside my super smooth plastic body bag the mouth hole is replaced with a rubber tube and connected to that is a very large 2litre rubber re-breather bag... You can see me getting very excited and wriggling under my skintight plastic wrapping as I stuggle to move... what a rush!

(33 Hi-Res Pictures)

Vac Bed Pleasures Part 2

Here is part two of Vac Bed Pleasures, where again Rubberella is in charge of me while I'm sucked into my smokye grey transparent rubber cocoon, this time you can see naughty Rubberella getting very playful indeed... Also see some super close-ups of my huge breasts getting there vacuum rubber coating as I lay there excited and very happy with all that rubber encasing my whole body. These fantastic pictures where taken at the Marquis Studios by

Peter.W.Czernich of (www.marquis.de) (33 Hi-Res Pictures)


I just loved doing this set as the gorgeous rubber aroma wafted down the ruber tubing and the rubber filled air re-circulated in and out of the re-breather bag..... Not content with the rubber anatomical mask with inflatable mouth ring I use the other mask to put under my catsuit over my very wet crotch.... This in turn is hooked up to another rubber re-breather bag with I pump myself to and amazing ruber filled orgasm... (33 Hi-Res Pictures)

Check mate part 2

Following on from the first part the white queen continues her battle succesfully over the evil black rubber queen.. The prise it her own inflatable pawn which she will take to her playroom for some fun at a later date, see the latex clad beauties fight till the bitter end in the hot Carraibean sun.. (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

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