Viper eva part 1

Washing cars sure wasn't this much fun before now lol, while in L.A. I thought it would be nice to wear a complete matching transparent yellow and black rubber outfit before cleaning the Viper.... Here the soap suds get everywhere as I lather not only the car but myself as well, and with the latex body being crotchless it certainly was hard not to get those bubbles in places they shouldn't have been.... Special thanks goes to Bob Zak for the loan of his dirty car lol and rubber outfit... (33 Hi-Res Pictures)

Plastic Strap Slave Part 2

Here is part two of this very kinky set where the action starts to get very messy indeed... as my slave is encased in her plastic body bag I climb on top and start to squeeze my heavy laiden balls that are full of cumm... As I squeeze my balls the sticky white cumm shoots out all over my expectant slave who just loves the sight of her body starting to get covered while she wriggles around in her plastic beneath me..... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

transparent jetty

A must for all transparent rubber fans here in this set as I show off my sweating naked body in the carribean sun... See the catsuit turn completely see-through as I take a stroll down the boat jetty, with some interesting signs along the way... (28 Hi-Res Pictures)

Vac Bed Pleasures Part 1

Here is the perfect gallery for all Vac Bed fans, not only do we have some superb vac bed action with me in a smokey grey transparent rubber vac bed, but we have the Gorgeous "Ruberella" playing with me while I am all vacked up..... Watch her pour some slippery lube over every tightly squeezed latex curve of my body and then getting on top she starts to rub herself all over my rubber encased body.... These fantastic pictures where taken at the Marquis Studios by Peter.W.Czernich (www.marquis.de)

(33 Hi-Res Pictures)

Relaxing Latex Smoke

It was such a beautiful day that I just had to have some time in the garden, dressed in one of my favourite rubber outfits, (the military catsuit) I took with me some Cigarettes and Cigars so here in this set you can see me smoking and playing in my slippery smooth rubber, watch out for the smoking mouth close-ups... (34 Hi-Res Pictures)

Inflated Straight Jacket Session!

With my rubber pal Dee all enclosed in a beatuiful inflatable transparent rubber straight jacket there'll be just nowhere for her to go... Once I had got myself ready in my skintight transparent rubber catsuit I then got Dee to dress me in a corset and black rubber neck and wrist frills... Just two rubber loving ladies having fun in as many rubbery ways as we can! Come in and join us!!!!

 (30 Hi-Res Pictures)

extreme dildos part 2

Here is the second part of this wonderful set photographed in the Marquis studios, as you will see the rubber dildos just keep getting bigger and what fun I have palying with them hee hee.... Wearing my white rubber uniform from Inner Sanctum I get so very turned on as I sit on the rubber cocks and other shaped dildos see some super close-ups of me playing on my stool.. (34 Hi-Res Pictures by Peter.W.Czernich)

Ambers Dildo Training

This is the first in a small series that we shot in L.A. with my new friend Amber Michaels In this first set you can see us both dressed in some very classy House of Harlot rubber outfits as the training begins.... I just love my tight fitting rubber 3 piece suit and Amber just can't wait for her first dildo as she gets wet under her leapord skin rubber skirt and matching waist clincher, once warmed up the dilos get bigger and harder to take..... (33 Hi-Res Pictures taken by Ian Raith)

Rubber Weather Balloon Games Part 2

This eagerly awaited second part of the "Rubber Balloon Games" shows me inside this transaprent rubber womb which is now inflated and Rubberella gets me into all sorts of kinky positions for her pleasure... This set has some great rubber B.P. action and some really stunning photos...

Peter.W.Czernich of (www.marquis.de) (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

rubber bondage body part 2

Here is part two of the “Rubber Bondage Body” and here for the first time on rubbereva.com we introduce Stacy a rubber Dom from Germany who you may well be familiar with having done a lot of fantastic work with Marquis. Helpless in my rubber body suit I am made to bend to her every whim as Mistress Stacy feels my every rubber curve as she inspects her slave. As you can see Mistress Stacy is wearing a complete white and black rubber outfit from the new Marquis range and Peter.W.Czernich took this set at the marquis studios. (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

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