Transparent Curtains Part 1

I had such fun shooting this gallery as I got to wrap myself in my favourite colour of latex.. Transparent... We hung several lengths of latex up to give me lots and lots of flowing latex to wrap myself up in and as you will see once I got lubed up and pulled the latex tight the results are very revealing.. See my every curve as I am only wearing a rubber corset, hood and gloves which you can see in every detail through the clear latex, together with my open mouth as I can't resist the rubber aroma when I play some rubbery B.P. games... More to come in Part 2

Topless Teasing Temptress Part 2

Here is the second part of the very popular "Topless Teasing" where the action gets hotter with me have my rubber lover Dee strapped and chained to the wall there is little she can do but obey me.... See how I make her bend as she sucks my rubber cock and you get to see some super close-up action as I suck on her hard nipples as she wriggles with delight...

(30 Hi-Res Pictures)

slave training part 1

Here we have a just fantastic four girl action series starring Rubber Eva, Jewell Marceau, Amber Michaels, and Eden Wells, shot by Ian Raith this is the first in a small series of galleries that shows the training of Amber and Jewell.... With Eden and I dressed in red and black rubber from head to toe this first part shows us picking our slaves and after parting them from there playful embrace we have the sort of fun that only Mistress can...... (40 Hi-Res Pictures)

Check mate part 1

Here is the first part in a very unusual set, where we have myself, “Rubber Eva” (the good white queen), “Rubberella” (the evil black queen), and the latex pawn “Sandra from “Fetish Live” The good white rubber queen battles it out with the wicked black rubber queen over the latex pawn in the outdoor setting of Jamaica… See some fabulous inflatable straight jackets and hoods as the inflated pawn can only watch as the rubber-clad queen’s battle for control of the board in the very hot sun… (36 Hi-Res Pictures)

suction nurse part two

Here is the second part of the "Suction Nurse" now that nurse Natalie has got both of her breast pumps out, she makes short work of getting both my tits slippery with lube and sucking on the huge breast pumps... See my huge tits change colour as she revels in playing with me... I have to say was rather nice.....

(32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Plastic Strap Slave Part 1

Inside her plastic cocoon there is nowhere for Corrine to hide as she lies on the couch in the rubber room... Armed with my huge rubber cock which fits nicely into my pussy and leaves a nice 9 inch cock on the outside, I get the best of both worlds hee hee... This first part has some super strap-on and plastic images all topped off with me in a skintight transparent rubber catsuit,hood, and corset which I know you all love...

(35 Hi-Res Pictures)

Black Cat on the beach

Here is a favourite catsuit of mine getting an airing on a hot Mediterranean beach last year, a black tight fitting latex suit from Demask with red side lacing detail on both the arms and legs... I just loved rolling around on the beach in the warm summer sun, which left me rather hot and sweaty hee hee so I had too cool off in beatutiful blue sea.... (31 Hi-Res Pictures)

Summer Rain

Opps, I get caught in a shower of rain its a good job I'm wearing my super smooth plastic mac, I get all wet and hot in the summer sun, a must for wet plastic fans.... (39 pictures)

Rubber electrode fun part 2

This bumper gallery for part two of "Rubber Electrode Fun" features more clinical rubber examinations as I attach the electrode pads to Dee's exposed nipples that stick out from her rubber catsuit... Once I turn up the voltage she finds out that a tickle can become a hard electic jolt and I climb on top just to make sure she takes her treatment... (41 Hi-Res Pictures) Photos by Paul.W.

Rubber Ball Fun Part 3

Here is the final part of this little trilogy where I finally climb completely out of the ball and get some rubber comfort from Corrine... Also some kinky toe sucking action gets us in the mood as we get down to some rubbery fun... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

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