Blue latex ponygirl prt 2

Here is the long awaited second part of my rubber ponygirl set, again these superb pictures were shot by Peter.W.Czernich at the Marquis studios. In this part you can see some more of me in the rubber room with my bucket and tubes as I perform as any good pony should for the camera, see the super close-ups of the skin tight transparent blue rubber catsuit I am wearing... (35 Hi-Res Pictures)

Heavy Rubber Patient

Rubber clad Corrine walks into the room where I am quietly resting on my rubber clinic bed and decides its time for me to wake-up, she slowly starts to play with the transparent blue rubber sheet that is covering me as I rest.... Once awake I see Corrine is completely clad in tight rubber and gas mask and when she gets onto the bed I can't resist playing with her cute rubber clad butt.... (41 Hi-Res Pictures)

Rubber Loving part 1

This gallery is the first in a "Rubberella & Rubbereva" combination that has us both totally rubbered up in the Marquis Studios.... Shot by our own photographer Paul we are both clad in red and black rubber outfits with matching hoods, Rubberella came into the red rubber room and caught me playing with my rubber pussy... she had her rubber strapon with her and made me suck and lick it before getting stuck into me with it that you can see in part two... (33 Hi-Res Pictures)

Naughty Nun Eva

Nun Eva has been kicked out of choir practice for playing with herself, but instead of going to confession she decides to go outside into the summer sun and have a sneaky cigarette, see her play amongst the beautiful celtic gravestones of this old english graveyard while smoking her forbiden cigaratte and of course in her tight latex nuns outfit.. (38 pictures)

Nurses Rubber Patient Part 2

This is the second part of the latex nurse and patient set and in this set things get really wild and wet, nurse Indigo first makes me wear a plastic oxygen mask, then she takes my catheter bag out and though I struggle she rips the rubber sheet of my bed and starts to empty my own wee all over my bare breasts and face and with the final few squirts of warm wet pee saved for my open mouth, yummmmm....

(32 pictures)

Rubber Ball Fun Part 2

Here is the second part of this set where you can see me getting some help climbing out of the "Rubber Womb" by black rubber clad Corrine.. Boy was it hot in there but ohh so good with the smell of sexy rubber all around me, ummm just heaven... I wish I could get back inside right now, it was amazing! Lovely smelling rubber!!!

(32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Rubber wonder

Yummy rubber layers is what we have here for all heavy rubber fans, under my rubber total enclosure suit I have rubber leggings and a top to keep me nice and warm then as I take a stroll through the wild countryside I pull on my very heavy full length rubber coat… See all the extra tubes bags and filter that I have attached to the gasmask just to make sure my breathing is made as difficult as possible wading through the ferns… (36 Hi-Res Pictures)

Bale me over

Here is a set that was just so much fun to shoot, in this set you can see me slide and rub myself all over some "Huge" plastic covered bails which with my skintight catsuit made a wonderful contrast.. This set icludes rubber catsuit, hood, gasmask, boots and heavy rubber gauntlets I hope you all enjoy... (40 Hi-Res Pictures)

Rubber Bondage body part 1

What a tight squeeze this was, as I slipped into a smokey grey semi transparent sleeveless body suit from Marquis... Once inside a beatiful rubber hood again from Marquis was put on and my rubber enclosure was complete.... This is the first in a 4 part series which will later feature "Stacy" a rubber Domm from Germany who has me tied and teased before completely transforming me into a rubber bound doll.. These pictures were taken by our good fiend Peter.W. Czernich at www.marquis.de (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Inflated rubber dolls

Here is a must for all heavy rubber fans, a gallery with both myself and Aylith completely covered in head to toe tight black latex.... Aylith had wanted to try out one of my inflatable rubber hoods, so I picked the one with no eyes or mouth so that the rubber skin could enclose her head with only a hole left for breathing. Once inside her rubber shell she has only me to guide her as I play with my new rubber doll.... (35 Hi-Res Pictures)

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