Smoking Black Cat

Taking a countryside stroll in my skintight latex catsuit and long heavy rubber coat I stop for cigarette, taking off my sweaty latex coat I do some very sexy sunbathing, hee hee.... (38 pictures)


What a fantastic treat I have here for all inflatable rubber fans, here is the first of 3 galleries of myself and Corrine getting into some rubbery fun with my red rubber inflatable ball.. It gets very hot inside and with all the lovely layers of rubber enveloping my body the feeling is heaven.. (31 Hi-Res Pictures)

Suction nurse part one

Introducing "Nurse Natalie" for the first time in this set as I get prepped for my suction session, First rubber nurse Natalie gets me up on the gyno couch with my legs held apart by the leg stirrups which leaves my rubber fanny pants exposed to the probing fingers of nurse and her lube…. I am wearing a transparent rubber body with exposed breasts and rubber fanny pants both from "Marquis" this is perfect for the next part of this rubber medical set which sees two huge breast suction pumps get attached to each of my exposed tits and once they are pumped my slippery tits slide inside them… (33 Hi-Res Pictures)

wet in orange part 2

Here is the second part of this series where things get decidedly wet!!! In this part you can see some super close up shots of the water bouncing of my rubber covered breasts as I use the hose to cool me down ... Fully gloved and hooded with gasmask this set is a must for heavy rubber fans, hope you all enjoy :-}.... (31 Pictures)

blue latex ponygirl prt 1

This is the first of a fantastic set shot by in the Marquis studios I am dressed in a skin tight transparent blue latex catsuit with lots of pony straps all over my body, complete with pony boots (with real hoofs), together with the most fantastic bridle with ears and to top the whole outfit a head peice made with a full plume of feathers.... (32 Hi-Res Picture)

gasmask and tubes part 1

Didn't quite know where to put this set as it has "Rubber" ALSO its a bit "Bondage" so I decided this would be the best spot :)..... We shot this last year in Germany with Peter at the "Marquis Studios" and as you can see I just loved the full faced hazmat mask I had on and we mixed that up with some rather long rubber tubes, all this and me wearing some really tight transparent latex makes this gallery really special... (34 Hi-Res Pictures)

wet in orange part 1

Following on from the very popular video clip "cooling off in orange" comes the first in a two part photo set, here you can see in close up what I was getting up to in my perfect fitting rubber catsuit from Libidex, also I had one of my favourite gas mask's to hand to finish off an afternoon of rubber delight... (32 Pictures)

strap-on slave part 2

The action just gets hotter and hotter in this second part, not content with her huge rubber cock between her legs "Corrine" gets out a head harness with not one but two rubber cocks on it..... One is an inflatable mouth gag the other a huge black rubber cock that sticks out from my leather harnessed head, watch her pump me up... The temptation is too much and she cannot resist sitting on my face and screwing me as I lay BOUND to the bed... (37 Hi-Res Pictures)

blue latex nurse part 2

The second in this series where I find in the rubber clinic some interesting douches, enema tubes and speculum, see what I do with them.... (40 pictures)

Bubble Trouble

A smooth blue plastic mac, lots of bubbles and a naked me, what more could U want, hee hhe, well in this set I get into a bubble filled whirlpool and have some soapy fun, the water makes the plastic very see-through especially when I get into a huge shower to clean of all the sudds... (40 pictures)

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