extreme dildos part 1

Here is a very interesting gallery indeed, just when I thought I had seen the biggest rubber cocks a girl could imagine along comes Peter from Marquis and pops these on the table.... In this set I am wearing a white rubber "Uniform Dress" from "Inner Sanctum" and as the dress gets higher the action gets hotter with some great close-up shots.. (32 Hi-Res Pictures Shot By Peter.W.Czernich at www.marquis.de)

Greek blue odyssey

All work and no play made Eva very sad so she took herself off to a Greek island to have some rubbery fun and in this set you can see her sunning herself in a skintight blue rubber catsuit before cooling off in the clear blue waters of the Med... (32 Picture)

Transparent Balloon

Here is a set that I just love, a real fantastic job was done here by Paul our photographer, as you see my slippery lubed body slide into this totally transparent latex balloon, which is very very tight lol.... I just mamnge to squeeze myself inside and you can see me wriggling around on the latex covered hospital bed. (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Maid To Clean

I hate cleaning at the best of times but at least wearing my little black and white latex maids outfit this does make the job much more fun, see me clean the bathroom and have a little wee for good measure.. (38 pictures)

training aylith part 2

This is the second part of the “Training Aylith” photo set, this is where I turn up the heat and get down to some body worshipping of my own as I let my fingers wander… The nipples rings come in for some attention too as my little slave trys to resist her rubber butterfly gag… Watch me pump it up really big as her cheeks bulge. (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

Total Enclosure Suit Part 1

A very special outfit here, my latex enclosure suit with fitted feet, hands and gas mask hood, together with 3 re-breather bags, see me slide into the smooth latex and get into a bubbling whirpool. (35 pictures)

Nurse & Patient Part 1

Here is part one of this latex medical set which see's me as the patient and Indigo as the rubber nurse, she tuck's me into the latex bed while I get my bed rest, but then nurse get carried away with her duties as she climbs onto of me and play's with my latex covered breast's... (32 Pictures)

Washing Days

Well after having a rubber baby to stay someone has to wash the rubber and plastic pants... So here in this set you can see me hanging out the washing in my rubber maids outfit, and when I am hanging the plastic and rubber pants on the line I just can't help playing with them hee hee... (40 Hi-Res Pictures)

strap-on slave part 1

Here in this first part of this gallery set which follows on from the evry popular video clips.... Here in detail you can see the rubber clad "Corrine" being a real bitch as she pulls me into her rubber bedroom while I am hogtied with a chains and rubber shackles both to my ankles,wrists and neck.... She has a mischievous look on her face as I spot the "Huge" rubber strap-on she is wearing, ohh dear this looks like it might stretch me a little.... (33 Hi-Res Pictures)

Mask & Nets part 2

Here is the second part of this set with Cindy tied tight to the chair with bondage tape and me having some fun with a rubber inflatable gag I just happen to have to hand ... hee hee... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

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