Nurse Green

One of my favourite outfits, the green skintight latex nurse, here I combine it with some medical play, the oxygen mask and tube, together with a stethoscope checking my pulse, hee hee..... (42 pictures)


A bondage set here, and the first gallery with my new friend Cindy who just loves the idea of being bound tightly in my suspension cage. We are both dressed in purple rubber and I just love my purple pony hood and catsuit and Cindy is in a little purple latex dress, she looks so sweet... Watch as I get Cindy into her cage then pull her off the ground, then I can play with my new toy... (35 Hi-Res Pictures)


A new slave came to visit for her training, her name is Aylith and she soon discovered that is my new rubber padded cell, I am the Boss!!! In this set you can see my totally white rubber covered body being worshipped by my new slave, Soon I have her where I want her, I get to use my red leather-flogging whip. A must for all mistress and slave fans and also featured in this set are some extreme high heels.

(32 Hi-Res Pictures)

double trouble

Nurse, Nurse !!, But which one red or blue?, well this set shows myself and Indigo playing in our identical latex rubber nurse outfits, the only difference being I am in red and Indigo is in blue hee hee. We get down to some kinky rubber fun with the douche and enema bag and a few intimate exams get carried out along the way too... (35 Pictures)

Inside the inflatable ball

For all inflatable rubber fans this is the ultimate blow-up ball, I climb inside get naked and feel the rubber womb enclose my body in gorgeous latex, this double skined ball feels just heavenly to get inside, you can also see my breather mask that alows me to be totally encased... (36 pictures)

Mask & Nets part 1

Well some dreams do come true... from the forum came this idea for a very interesting bondage set, both dressed in black shiny rubber Cindy and I have some bondage fun, firstly I bind her arms with latex tape to a chair and then she watches me put on my new Russian rubber gas mask, once encased I play with my old fishnet stocking which Cindy just loves... (32 Hi-Res Pictures)

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